Cars In The Shop

Eyelit Shorts: Lush
Denim: Lark & Wolf
Heels: Aldo
Today was a very long, but productive one…I have been on the hunt for a new place since my lease is up here soon. I’ve been so busy with that that I neglected my car, my sad, broken, car. After a couple weeks of pushing my old brakes to the limit I finally took it in. So my outfit for the day is the “My Car’s In the Shop" look. 
These shorts are one of my favorite pairs ever. They’re so comfortable, but so easy to either make formal or casual. I paired them with a vintage feeling bustier. The bold colors and strong print easily go with the shorts because of the white in the top. I put on a light  oversized denim button up since it’s been a little chilly lately, and the size of the denim contrasts with the crop top and short shorts. I put on a nice bright pink heel that I don’t get the chance to wear often enough (as you can probably tell from the color) the bright pink heel tends to look a little too Barbie for me too easily, but the denim helps to tone down that overly girly vibe. This is a great sassy, summer outfit.