Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ocean Home {Part I}

Faded freckles now that I'm getting a little bit older
I still love the feeling of sun on my cheeks
Something brought me to the ocean
Flowers in hand with old feelings in my heart
getting ready to leave
I've never failed to find some peace in this place
while the weaves crash up ahead
 I can feel my lungs fill up with air they wish they could drown in
If I could find a place that makes me feel the way the ocean does
I would pack up and leave in an instant
Forever content, forever wrapped up in the feeling of peace

What I'm Wearing:
White dress // Lace Kimono // Hat-Forever21 // Bracelets-Alex + Ani //

This particular blog post is going to be broken up into two different parts because I had so many photos  (and things to say) that I didn't want to jam pack them into one post! I had the idea to do this shoot out of nowhere one day and it's ended up being the absolute right thing that couldn't have happened at a more perfect time (yay creative inspiration light bulbs!) 
It's been almost three years since I finished college. Three years since living, breathing, sleeping, eating, photography. Three years since I started my blog, found my love of jewelry making; three years of absolute growth, change, struggle, magic, beauty. And here I am, still completely at the beginning, still completely raw with leaps and bounds to learn and millions of experiences to live. But I'm happy. I'm excited and beyond ready to show the world what I've got to offer.
I started my blog with the hopes of sharing my love of fashion and to inspire young people everywhere to follow their dreams no matter how far fetched they might seem (because eh hem, that's my entire life!) Over time it has turned into something so much more, and lately I find myself wanting to share who I am in the most honest and real way. So starting with these couple posts I just want to introduce you all to myself a little more!
  • I'm Chelsea, 23 years old, living in Santa Barbara, California. 
  • I love astrology, and most certainly believe everything happens for a reason when it's supposed to
  • I'm a cancer in the astrological world, but every astrologist will tell you that technically I'm a Leo because of the time I was born-which is actually really amazing since being a Leo makes so much more sense for who I am.
  • I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) but moved to California a month after my high school graduation to go to Brooks Institute of Photography.
  • The ocean is my favorite, most calming place I can go to.
  •  I love to bake to the point where the kitchens overflowing with more sweets than my boyfriend and I can eat. 
  • I'm vegetarian, and an avid yoga practicer. I love, love, love me some yoga!
  •  Palm Trees make me incredibly happy to see each and every day. 
  • I have a deep love for Gilmore Girls and can't wait for them to bring it back.
  • Crystals all the way! My favorites right now are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aragonite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Citrine, Sunstone, Garnet, and Labradorite
  • I tell everyone that my Husky (named Mika) is my furry soulmate and I 100% believe it. I couldn't have ever ended up with a more perfect pup.
  • I really want to figure out how to keep plants alive because I love them so much and it breaks my heart when they die.
  • I have an amazing boyfriend named Nick, we live together in Santa Barbara with our Husky/Samoyed mix. We've been together for almost three years, and I couldn't be happier. He's a glassblower, extremely creative, sweet, goofy, he supports me so much, he makes me laugh so much, he's my best friend. I love him with all my heart.  
  • Above all qualities in other people I value honesty most. 
  • I have a really unique sense of humor that can come off really dry and doesn't always go over so well. I  always appreciate anyone who has a solid amount of wit. 
  •  I love laughing and especially love making other people laugh.
  • My favorite foods are nachos, avocado toast, french fries, potato chips, and banana splits. 
  • I love film photography, especially working in a darkroom, processing, printing, the whole shebang. 
  • I have six camera bodies; a Rollei 35, my nikon d7000, my nikon F100(35mm film), my Bronica S2(120mm film), My Polaroid Land Camera, and my fuji instax. I love them all so much, but my favorites to shoot with are my instant cameras and my Bronica S2 (because it takes the most amazing photos!)

Ocean Home {Part II}

Hazy days spent at the ocean
Somethings always made me feel at home here
Heart calms, taking in breaths with the pace of the tide
the roaring sound of the waves hush my rushing thoughts

It's peace. The peace brings me home and takes me out of my head
I brought flowers, and all the right kind of whimsy I could find
There was this feeling that times are changing, a new was on it's way
I wanted to document it one way or another

Remember the feeling of it all. and the breath I'm breathing now.

What I'm Wearing:
White dress // Lace Kimono // Hat-Forever21 // Bracelets-Alex + Ani //

Five years ago when I moved out to Santa Barbara I came here to study professional photography at Brooks Institute with the hopes of becoming a fashion photographer. I loved the creative conceptualized photo shoots I saw in Vogue, and W.  If I could I would be a fashion photographer during the 80's, it was such an amazing time for photographers and for the fashion industry! But I learned more and more that nowadays a lot of the creativity of the photo shoots come more from creative directors and stylists and less from the photographer. My passion was and is composition. Creative composition, seeing beauty, making beauty; putting things, people, objects, colors, shapes together in a way that is the absolute most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. After school ended I realized that maybe I loved photography with all my heart, but it wasn't the thing I wanted to work towards a career at. In other words, I have such a huge passion for photography but when I try to make money out of it it becomes a whole other animal- I lose my love for it, and instead it becomes this thing I have to force in order to survive…That is not what I ever wanted from my dream. Sooo I ended up finishing school with an immensely deep education in photography and not a clue what I wanted to do with it. 
 I had to figure something else out. and Voila! The fashion blog started, which led to jewelry making, which has led me to this very moment, almost three years later typing out this blog post. And I'm so glad to report that I feel like I'm following my dream path more than ever, it just took me some roundabout ways to get there!
This photoshoot was me going back to simplicity in composition. Now, I didn't take these photos- my wonderful friend from college helped me out when I came to her with the idea. I just wanted to bring some beauty back without it being about my outfit. I just wanted some photos that represent where I'm at because I never could have guessed this is where my life was going to take me...

Photography by Ash Robinson
Photoshop/Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis

Monday, January 4, 2016

Silk and Chiffon

What I'm Wearing:
Happy New Year All!
SO I know I'm a few days late on this, but everyone's talking about the New Year and what they're hoping to get out of it and all they're excited for. I'm finding myself starting off this new year simply hoping to find ways to feel more okay with who I am. I've decided to do something more vulnerable than usual and share with you all what I truly hope to get out of this upcoming year:
  •  I want to judge others less and hopefully in doing so, I will learn to be less judgmental towards myself. 
  • I want to take steps every day towards the forward movement of my jewelry and fashion business.
  •  I want to work hard but to be sure to pause and take days for myself where I'm just breathing in the moment feeling so grateful for my all that I have.
  •  I would like to feel confident when I choose to say no to someone- confident in my decision and confident in the fact that I'm choosing what's best for me even if other people don't like it.
  •  I want to be gentle with myself and allow myself to leave situations that are no longer serving me for the better. 
  • I want more days spent with my dog at the beach, on walks, hiking, exploring- I want to spend more time with her doing things that make her happy!
  • I want to really work on being more open to love- giving love and receiving love
  • I want to travel more, go on road trips, let go of having a "homebase"
This isn't all of my new years resolutions, but it's a good handful of them. I'm truly excited for a year of forward progression, work, love, and happiness. To be perfectly honest though I have this feeling somewhere in me like this year is going to be big- big in ways I can't even imagine right now. And who knows, that could just be a feeling, but, either way, it has me sitting on the edge of my seat anxiously anticipating what's to come, and hopefully it's all pretty beautiful like I've always wished for. 
The weather's finally getting colder here in Santa Barbara after months and months of me talking about the heat, heat, heat. Annnnnndd oh my gosh it's so SO cold! I'm finding myself layering up with three jackets, a coat, some kind of hat, and almost ALWAYS, this beautiful silk/cashmere scarf each and every time I step out the door. The Scarf Shop sent me this scarf a while ago, and I have owed them a look for some time (don't you worry because you're going to see so many outfits to come with this lovely scarf!) I'm so in love with this scarf and I can't emphasize enough just how amazingly well it has merged with my wardrobe. Besides the fact that I get compliments on it all the time, it keeps me so warm and cozy! So thank you to the wonderful people over at the scarf shop who are creating and designing such beautiful pieces of clothing; my scarf is being well loved!

That's it for me today, sending you all the happiest of wishes for a full, happy, loving new year! 

Love, love, love,

Photography by Ash Robinson
Photoshop/Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis