Monday, January 4, 2016

Silk and Chiffon

What I'm Wearing:
Happy New Year All!
SO I know I'm a few days late on this, but everyone's talking about the New Year and what they're hoping to get out of it and all they're excited for. I'm finding myself starting off this new year simply hoping to find ways to feel more okay with who I am. I've decided to do something more vulnerable than usual and share with you all what I truly hope to get out of this upcoming year:
  •  I want to judge others less and hopefully in doing so, I will learn to be less judgmental towards myself. 
  • I want to take steps every day towards the forward movement of my jewelry and fashion business.
  •  I want to work hard but to be sure to pause and take days for myself where I'm just breathing in the moment feeling so grateful for my all that I have.
  •  I would like to feel confident when I choose to say no to someone- confident in my decision and confident in the fact that I'm choosing what's best for me even if other people don't like it.
  •  I want to be gentle with myself and allow myself to leave situations that are no longer serving me for the better. 
  • I want more days spent with my dog at the beach, on walks, hiking, exploring- I want to spend more time with her doing things that make her happy!
  • I want to really work on being more open to love- giving love and receiving love
  • I want to travel more, go on road trips, let go of having a "homebase"
This isn't all of my new years resolutions, but it's a good handful of them. I'm truly excited for a year of forward progression, work, love, and happiness. To be perfectly honest though I have this feeling somewhere in me like this year is going to be big- big in ways I can't even imagine right now. And who knows, that could just be a feeling, but, either way, it has me sitting on the edge of my seat anxiously anticipating what's to come, and hopefully it's all pretty beautiful like I've always wished for. 
The weather's finally getting colder here in Santa Barbara after months and months of me talking about the heat, heat, heat. Annnnnndd oh my gosh it's so SO cold! I'm finding myself layering up with three jackets, a coat, some kind of hat, and almost ALWAYS, this beautiful silk/cashmere scarf each and every time I step out the door. The Scarf Shop sent me this scarf a while ago, and I have owed them a look for some time (don't you worry because you're going to see so many outfits to come with this lovely scarf!) I'm so in love with this scarf and I can't emphasize enough just how amazingly well it has merged with my wardrobe. Besides the fact that I get compliments on it all the time, it keeps me so warm and cozy! So thank you to the wonderful people over at the scarf shop who are creating and designing such beautiful pieces of clothing; my scarf is being well loved!

That's it for me today, sending you all the happiest of wishes for a full, happy, loving new year! 

Love, love, love,

Photography by Ash Robinson
Photoshop/Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis

Monday, December 7, 2015

Lantern Glow

What I'm Wearing // Burgundy Beanie-Forever21 // Burgundy Cardigan + Black Crop Top + Black Maxi Skirt-Hanger221 // Silver Belt-Vintage // Silver Quartz Necklace-Chelsea Den Jewelry //
Happy Monday
It's been some time since I've posted a look, I've been working so much on my jewelry and then the Holidays popped up out of nowhere so that's where my heads been the last few months. Even now as I type this I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted a look, but I've got lots of looks on the way and even more motivation to keep expanding all that I'm doing. I currently have something new in the works and it just might mean a new and improved home for my blog :) Change is good, and I've gotten a little too comfortable with my fashion blog so it's time to switch it up and keep moving forward, forward, forward! More to come on that in the weeks and months ahead!

In the meantime here's a new look for you guys! I bought this skirt in October when Halloween was in the air and the witchy feel of this skirt just pulled me in! I love wearing the color black so if I can successfully create an all black look I'm a happy camper! And if I can add touches of burgundy along with the black you better believe it doesn't get much better for me! I wore this crop top all through the summer and now I'm finding it so easy to wear for winter (yay for clothes that work for all seasons!) The strappy back of the crop top peeks just out over the back of my knit cardigan adding a cool geometric touch. This outfit works so well simply because of California's lovely warm Winter weather. Coming from Denver, Colorado I'm used to bundling when Winter comes around, and after 5 years of living in Santa Barbara it still is a huge surprise that I can step outside in an outfit like this in December...And I love it! There isn't any other place I've felt more at home than here in Santa Barbara, and I couldn't be happier to be spending another holiday season in this beautiful town! 

That's it for me today, I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful week! 

Photography by Ash Robinson
Photoshop/Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis

Friday, September 18, 2015

Drifiting Away, Wave After Wave

What I'm Wearing:
Bra: Kimchi Urban Outfitters, Dress: Hanger 221, Purse: Mat + Nat (Urban Outfitters),  Purse Tassel: Chelsea Den Jewelry, Turquoise and Quartz Necklace: Chelsea Den Jewelry

Woo Friday!!
After a much longer than expected break and after months of not taking a single photo for my blog, I'm back! 
 I turned 23 in July (yay Leos!) And it's had me thinking a lot about my future and what exactly I want that to look like. My jewelry has been my focus the last few months- I became so engulfed in it all that I even almost considered just narrowing my ventures down to just jewelry making instead of jewelry and blogging... My fashion blog takes up a lot of my time,  and other people around me were saying "your jewelry's doing so well and it's making you money... maybe just put all your time into that" and I was just considering throwing in the towel. Welllll I couldn't do it!! So today I wanted to write a little about following you passions and choosing your own personal happiness! 
For the last few months all that's been on my mind is jewelry- designing it, getting it seen,  thinking about crystals I want to work with, new metals I want to try, better packaging, more social networking, stores I want to sell to, plans for future marketing, ahhh!!! It's quite a venture choosing to work for yourself. It's a bumpy, rocky road and I'm still very much trying to keep it together while I make it past my first few years. But for today at least, I'm feeling so incredibly overwhelmed with how happy I am that I've chosen to follow my passions for a living. And it's days like this that make all of the obstacles, all of the bumps in the road, so SO worth it. The joy I get from creating a little treasure that has it's own unique beauty is a happiness I have yet to find doing something else, and not only that, but someone, somewhere is just waiting to find it to love for themselves! And the same goes for my blog when I get a comment, or I hear from a close friend that they love looking at it, it just makes me want to keep going! 
I've been trying to make some big changes in my own life in regards to my personal happiness.  I'm quickly learning to choose what's best for me, even if others don't necessarily agree (and some haven't) but that's where the learning comes in-to accept them for how they feel and where they're at in their life, and accept that I deserve my own happiness at the same time. Life's all about figuring out what you need to do to be happy- in my opinion, it's that simple.  But the hard part is when other people who you care about don't necessarily feel the same. But choosing your happiness first (as long as it's not harming anyone or thing around you) is always the better way to go, and will always pay off the most in the end. When it comes down to it, my idea of happiness really means that my loved ones are taken care of, I have the materials I need to keep creating my jewels, time to shoot with my cameras, and an ocean I can drive to at the end of the day. 
I love my jewelry making, I love getting to share these outfit posts, and I love that I've decided, no matter what, to pour my heart and soul into what I create. So I just wanted to do a post about happiness, and what it means to me, to choose to be happy.
My blog is such an important part of my own self expression that I can't help but always come back to it. I've got so many ideas for photo shoots and new outfits so stay tuned for more! And thank you for staying with me through the last few years.
Love, Love, Love,

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flower Petal Soft

In This Look
Lace Bralette // Hanger 221

I want to fall madly, softly in love with you. I want the late night coffee, catching your sideways glances, the genuine smiles. I want to twinkle with you and the stars.

I've had my eye on this dress for sometime now. I couldn't decide if I should really buy it and make it a permanent addition to my closet. It's definitely girly-er than what I'm usually used to. I finally gave in and purchased it and I am happy to announce I can't wear this dress enough! It goes with everything and is so incredibly easy to make an oh so lovely outfit. All in all, it was in absolute win. 

I've been working really hard on my jewelry and my most recent order with LF stores really paid off, so I wanted to treat myself. This dress (along with a new swimsuit, a few pairs of new boots, and lots of pretty Peony bouquets) were the best kind of gift to myself and were a great motivator for me to work even harder to keep this momentum going.  I can feel a huge shift happening with life-I'm not sure where it's taking me, but I do know that right now I'm so very content with working hard creating the art that I feel driven to create... and hopefully that takes me exactly where I'm supposed to be- I strongly believe when we follow the direction we feel pulled in, that's when we're on the right path and that's when things really work out. That's something that is MUCH easier said than done. Breaking away from the "norm" and following your passions whether it be an artist, designer, musician, or maybe you just want to be your own boss because you  know you'd totally kick ass at it- whatever the reason, deciding to pour your heart and soul into that and walking away from what is viewed by society as "normal" can be so incredibly difficult. After two years of working on my jewelry and fashion blog, and really embracing that "starving artist" lifestyle I've come to fall in love with the life I'm creating and am really starting to have that consistancy I dreamed of when I first started-and I'm still completely in the beginning! It's not the most stable life... it's not a 9-5, it's not a paycheck on Fridays, but it IS passion, love, it's my dream. And I've created a place where I can put all of my cards on the table- I can lay out my creations for the world to not only see, but own, and I truly feel like my voice is starting to be heard, which is HUGE!
People are going to question you, your work,  your creativity, your mindset, your determination, and you better believe your strength will be tested more than you've ever known. I'm still directly in the middle of it all, but I feel like I just recently hit this point where I've realized no matter what, my life is going to be a creative, colorful, art filled existence, regardless of the hardships and difficulties this can bring. No matter what anyone says or any obstacle thrown in my way, I know I'll wake up the next day so stupidly thrilled that my whole life is made up of art, passion, and the things that I love.  And I'm the one that gets to take the credit for it being that way, and there's something so very empowering in owning that. I also have to give credit to all the close family and loved ones I have around me, that have come to support me so much in all the things that I do. 
I guess I just felt inspired today to share this with the hopes that it helps others feel more confident to follow their dreams, to turn their back on the world that says your life can't be exactly what you want it to be and instead build a life that matches the picture in your heart. It's just going to take some work, and a whole lot of determination and faith that things will turn out the way you deserve for them to turn out. 

Happy Friday All,
(Yay Weekend!!)
Love, love, love,

Photography by Ash Robinson
Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Acid Washed

In This Look
Leather Jacket-Tobi // Knit Crop Top-Hanger 221 // Acid Washed High Waisted Denim-Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses-Raybans // Platform Heels-L.A.M.B //  Amethyst Necklace, Ruby Bracelet, Rose Quartz Bracelet, Vintage Watch

Sweet like peonies, I've got one breath left and I've saved it for you
You can sing so soft, but the bite breaks skin
I wanted your love because it was dripping with dares
It pulled me in and wrapped me up in the feeling of something new
And the music I'd hear, 
like the soundtrack to our short lived summer love,
would play through my head on a loop 
I can see the skyline of that angel city  
I can feel each and every haze filled exhale expand and then release,
Like the very breath from that instant could still exist in my lungs
Listening to the sounds of a thousand lived colliding in one place
I wanted to run with love, 
I've never been the best at falling for it
And I think a part of me saw that in you-
some broken yearning to find passion in another person
I wanted nothing more than to live in a story with you
And watch the rest of reality simply fall away while we created our new world

Happy Monday!
I had the nicest weekend, ending with a last minute choice to go out last night, have some drinks, and so so much dancing. It felt so good! There isn't a whole lot that makes me happier than listening to some loud, bumpin music, with lots of happy fun people, and just dance the night away! But Monday hit hard this morning, and I'm definitely battling a rather danced out, had-one-too-many-drinks kind of feeling in my body therefore I blended up my new favorite green smoothie to get me going. (I've been blending up kale, chard, spinach, a banana, frozen strawberries, and green tea) This smoothie is such a pick me up, PLUS blending up your greens is the best way to get all of the nutrients from them, and we can get so many more nutrients from greens than ANYTHING else that we eat! Basically, I'm just really grateful to know all this in times like this- even as I write this I can feel it kicking in, sweet!
This outfit is just a really sassy summer look. I love this top so much (I'm not ashamed to admit I have it in four different colors...) It goes so well with so many things, and I've been wanting to break out these jeans for a while now. I paired them with some amazing platforms by Gwen Stefani's brand. I then went with one of my favorite beige leather jackets, and topped off the look with an amethyst necklace that I made for myself. 
Well that's it for me today. Time to pick myself up out of bed somehow, someway and get this bright summer week started! 
Wishing you all a happy, productive week!

Photography by Ash Robinson
Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis