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Pacific North West: Road Trip

We took our sweet time taking three days to slowly drive through the absolutely magical Redwood Trees. Mika does so well on road trips and we had a fairly easy time finding hotels throughout that were pet friendly! I fell in love with Seattle as soon as we drove in... This city is unlike any other.  Pike Place Market was energetic, colorful and so vibrant! I couldn't help but pick up one of these stunning bouquets... We ended up driving home with my pretty blooms the whole way! Ruby Beach was one of the most magical (and accidently) stops that we made along the way. We hike through giant trees climbed over layers and layers of logs and hung out with a little snake friend on the path. I found these paper-thin angel wing seashells as we were leaving. I knew they would break on the roadtrip but I had to remember their simple beauty one way or another. Getting our Goonies on at the Goonies Beach! (Cannon Beach, OR).  We're such nerds so we had to! It was so

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