Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To the Stars

What I'm Wearing
Crop Top // American Apparel
Knit // Forever 21
Shorts // Forever 21
Necklace // Vintage
Boots // Makemechic

Who knows anymore
How to get to the stars
My map leads to too many places
Too many faces seem familiar first glance
And each chance seems more real than before
So who knows anymore
How to get to the stars
Because my map leads to too many places

I'm doing a quick post today since I'm heading straight for the beach to get some good ocean air in my lungs before I need to get back to work. I love this look because it's so versatile for different events, and not only that it's really comfortable and easy to get around in. I started with one of my favorite crop tops from American Apparel and paired them with these shorts that I love so much- they have the prettiest lace pattern on them, but the black lines makes it easy to pair them with darker things, which tends to be a must in my outfits. I then went with a color blocking knit cardigan that keeps me warm always, lastly adding some sparkle with these cutout boots, a necklace, and a gold chained purse to tie all the elements together. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Mornings

What I'm Wearing
Beanie // No Fun Press
Denim Jacket // Men's Levi's (borrowed from my wonderful boyfriend's closet)
Necklace // Made myself (See my Jewelry Collection Here)
Leopard Slip Ons //
"It was all a part of being trustworthy-of being a piece of sea glass.
 High tides, low tides, storms, sand and mistakes all contributed to the polishing process.
Though difficult to endure at the time, the demanding elements helped smooth the surface, transforming one into a better person, not worse. A person who learned from the harsh environment, who knew the storm would end, and who felt confidence she would still be in once piece."
- Maria V. Snyder
That full moon last night was so big, I kept finding myself stepping outside to look at it. There isn't a thing in this world I find more captivating than the moon and the ocean so last night was amazing. I spent a lot of time this weekend really thinking about everything in my life; the things I've lost and gained over the last year. A little over a year ago when I started fashion blogging I had a lot of heavy/unfortunate/life changing things happening and I honestly couldn't picture where I was going to be today, but now that I'm here I couldn't be more grateful. It's been a lot of really hard work  but I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to just keeping doing exactly that; working on all of my goals, and keep expanding, pushing myself, and of course keep my loved ones close all the while. I'm just feeling so appreciative to all the people that I have around me, that support and love me for me, just the most wonderful, beautiful people I could ask for. Speaking of, I got to borrow this rad denim jacket from my boyfriend's closet, and I really think it pulled the whole look together. I've wanted to do a look with this dress for a while, but it's such a "Vavavoom" kinda dress that I've been trying to figure out how to tone it down a little for a day look. I just bought these leopard print slip ons that are rather similar to a Givenchy pair that recently came out (see here).  I just love all the fashion going on right now and making it my own style, theres so many fun trends right now to work with.

Monday, August 4, 2014


What I'm Wearing
Hat // H&M
Necklace // Made by Myself
Shorts // Hanger 221
Bag // Forever 21
Heels // L.A.M.B. (Heels)
Bracelets // Chelsea Den Jewelry
Oh Monday... Nothing like an amazingly relaxed/fun-filled weekend to make the start of my week feeling like it should have waited at least another day to arrive. I spent Saturday chilling out, took the pup to the beach, and then Sunday I got to ride my bike with hundreds of other Californians in the Santa Barbara fiesta Cruiser; a twenty some mile bike ride starting at the Santa Barbara pier and ending about 11 miles north in Goleta Beach. It was such a great time, with such happy people. My only regret is the sunburn that I got from forgetting sunscreen... my own fault. But the weeks started whether I like it or not so here's my back to work outfit, complete with a few takeout shots where my dog Mika got to show off some fancy footwork (she can't help herself when the camera comes out..) 
I just got these shorts from a new shop in Santa Barbara that I have fallen in love with. They're so comfy to wear and easy to dress up or down. I paired them with this cropped sweater-I always love pairing sweaters with shorts. I then added a bowlers cap and some heels to dress up the look a little and tie in the black/neutral combo. Finishing off the outfit with this necklace I made myself and some bracelets from my own jewelry collection.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Untamed Flowers

What I'm Wearing
Bowlers Cap // H&M
Chain Necklace // Vintage
Sunglasses // Forever 21
Romper // Cotton On (bought at Wasteland
Belt // American Apparel
Boots // Make Me Chic
Bag // Forever 21
Steadily tiptoeing through daffodil filled fields. I've breathed in too much of this summer night to go back to yesterday. Each and every year twists by, but I've still got this sun kissed dream of peace. It burns inside of me like I could almost call it home, but somethings not right... So I keep searching, looking for some picturesque shaped landscape that makes me feel at one...If a place should so exist, I'd give up all I know just to be enfolded into it's breath. Inside of my mind there's fantastical ideals of how the world sparkles, and sometimes, when I close my eyes it really does. So give me my closed eye moments and I'll give you my stars. Wipe away the hands of clocks and tell the world we don't exist. I've slipped into some non real reality that's more like a game of hide and seek than anything else. So if you count to ten and play along, perhaps we could hide out until the world gives up... or out, whichever should come first. It's impractical, I know, but I've filled my days with everything the world said couldn't exist. I want to see the edge of my limits and then jump off into the rest. My chest fills with air and the breath of a beautiful life that exists somewhere, someday to be mine, not only breathed, but to be lived until nothings left.
The first of August has arrived! I recently splurged on a couple pairs of new shoes. I haven't done this in so long and I have to say it felt so so good... I try to keep my shoe collection limited because I want to wear ALL of my shoes and if I have a million pairs then a lot of them get neglected. These boots were definitely a successful purchase. I'm so happy to be posting a look-I love fashion blogging, and this is my month to get back on it! Plus I've got new shoes that deserve to be shown off a bit! This look is super comfy and easy since it's just a romper, (yay one pieces!!) and it goes super well with lots of accessories, hat, purse, boots, jewelry. I added a belt to tie in my waist a little-without the belt this romper swallows me up and I look like I'm drowning thanks to my petite frame, so the belt's a lifesaver! I put my hair in a side braid to add a little bit of a cute french feel, plus it keeps my hair away so I can show off the amazing backless cutout!
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Second Fleet Magazine

Hey guys! Check out my interview in this month's Second Fleet Magazine's issue where I talk about how my blog got started, trends I've got my eye on, and a peek into a regular day of fashion blogging! Plus this issue also features some pretty rad people, one being a super cool jewelry company that I need to check out! 
You can read the whole magazine online or be a doll and purchase a physical copy!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Excuse My French

What I'm Wearing
Bowlers Cap // H&M
Excuse  My French Tee // Neverson Empire
Shorts // Thrifted
Heart Tights // Betsy Johnson
Plaid // Urban Outfitters
Leather Jacket // Urban Outfitters
Boots // Forever 21
I don't know if it's just me, but things have seemed even more hectic than usual lately. Maybe that's the way my life will always go, and I can't say I'm complaining. I love being busy, and as much as it overwhelms me at times, having a million things to get done keeps my mind active and wanting to work more and more. I just recently took my jewelry to my first selling event and it was amazing. Getting to meet the people that will be wearing my jewelry, and talking to them face to face was such a fun and humbling experience. Thank you to all that came out and supported me and my jewelry :) I had the best time. And with that said I have restocked my ENTIRE store! If you're a lover of jewels take a peek at what I've got at chelseadenjewelry.comThis week has been oh so nice to get back to work on my fashion blog after all the craziness of my jewelry. I got to come home to a package in the mail from Paris, where I received my custom Excuse My French Tee that I am in love with. This brand Neverson Empire makes the coolest graphic tees and sweatshirts and then will customize it by putting your name on it! (or in my case I had them add my favorite word) I'm going to be doing a giveaway for your very own custom tee from Neverson Empire! All you have to do it is follow me on Instagram, leave a comment under my instagram post (see it here), and then follow Neverson Empire's Twitter  and InstagramThen on July 27th I will be selecting a winner at random!
I loved doing this outfit post. I went to one of my favorite cliffs here in Santa Barbara that I used to live by. There were men parasailing and they were so nice, they kept trying to get in my photos which I loved. Only one made it, and I thought it was so funny because you can only see the man's legs and the shadow from his parachute. (see if you can find the photo!) I had to take a picture of what was behind me because it's just too beautiful not to. Happy summer everyone! I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nature Walks

What I'm Wearing
Shirt // Tobi
Denim Button Up // Urban Outfitters
Denim // bought at Crossroads
Boots // bought at Dear Diary in Santa Barbara
Jewelry // Coming soon to Chelsea Den Jewelry
I've been working really hard on focusing completely on my jewelry for the past couple weeks since I'm heading out this weekend to a big event to sell my jewelry line, but things are winding down and I've been wanting to post this for a few days now... So here it is! My quickie outfit post for today, but after this weekend I'm going to be fully back to fashion blogging. I've got a couple things coming up this month that I'm pretty excited about. First and foremost is this festival I'm taking my jewelry to. This is my first event that I'm attending as a jewelry designer selling my own things so I'm really excited/nervous...mostly trying to get myself as prepared as possible, and hoping for the absolute best! After I get back next week I'm restocking my jewelry store with everything I've been working on for the past couple months (yes..months) Shortly after that when the 22nd rolls around I'll be celebrating my golden 22nd birthday. And then a move to another city in this lovely state of California is in the lineup (more details on that in weeks to come). 
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