Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Blues

What I'm Wearing
Crop Top // American Apparel
Skater Skirt // Forever 21
Belt // Urban Outfitters
Socks // Sammy Icon
Shoes // AMI Clubwear
Necklaces // Chelsea Den Jewelry // Etsy
I just got a bunch of really amazing socks from the brand Sammy Icon. (see link above) They're so soft and comfy and the designs are super fun to pair with outfits to add some more pop! I shot this look at home, so of course my dog Mika stuck her lovely self into a few shots, she's just the absolute best haha. I love this look because this is something I would wear every day if I could. I'm always a fan of dark colors, blues, blacks, grays, burgundy, and I especially love a comfy cotton-y slouchy boho look, so this one takes my heart. I just bought this belt at Urban Outfitters on sale for an amazing deal, but I'm still on the hunt for a great black leather conch belt ( I want one so badly!) This outfits perfect for a fun Friday night! Happy Friday everyone, have a magical weekend :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oceans Apart

What I'm Wearing
Hat // Forever 21
Crop Top // Dear Diary in Santa Barbara
Jacket // Forever 21
Denim // Abercrombie & Fitch (bought at Crossroads Trading Co.)
Boots // Dear Diary in Santa Barbara
Gold Triangle Necklace // Etsy
Tote // Billabong
Oceans apart with no where to go, Tuesdays with you in mind. As of late my body works at a quiet still, numbering my days with each glittering sunrise and sunset. I've no need for time in this place that I live, not since I realized the full length of this life and of you and I. You came in with a silent bang. I felt your footsteps before you entered the room, complicating my once simple way of life before I could even take a breath. I'm still staring at the pieces wondering if what we've destroyed will become something unheard of, something too beautiful to have existed with us before. It's all too close to look at...My biased judgement will tell me to run. Run because this vulnerability you show me could blow me to smithereens. You were so easy to wish for until you arrived. I've found myself staring down the dreams of what could be and realizing they were so much bigger than I could have ever imagined. And I would be lying if I said a part of me didn't shutter at the overwhelming feeling this brings on, but I've asked for it, and I'm working for it, so I have to think that something inside me knows I deserve it.   
I've written my whole life, whether it was for school, for myself, or for publication. I love to write. Creatively though, that's for sure. One of the many things I love about my fashion blog is that every once in a while I can share some of my own personal writings. I've always been pretty shy with sharing a lot of the things I'm passionate about, especially my writing, so most people don't even know that I do it, but as I share more and more I'm beginning to get more confidant in it, and I love that. So today I decided to write something on the spot for my blog, and finally talk about my writing and the fact that this shall be an ongoing thing :) Now for the outfit. Summers coming to and end, so I wanted to do a nice transition outfit into fall wear(keep in mind the summer outfits will probably still keep happening since I'm spoiled with where I live). I started with this scarf I just got on sale at Urban Outfitters for the biggest steal ever. I wanted to do a really neutral light look since I knew I was going to be wearing the dark pants. I went with a cream colored crop top to go under the scarf, and added a belt to the pants to hold them up :) I then paired the boots to tie in the look and rolled my pants to show a little ankle and definition since these pants can be baggy. Lastly finishing the look off with one of my favorite hats, a tote, and a cream jacket for when the sun goes down.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Little Bit of Jewelry For Your Sunday

Hey everybody! 
Happy Sunday, hope it's as sunny as ever! I spent my Saturday night restocking all my different jewelry selling stores, that includes my online store, Etsy, and Depop app! Be sure to check out some of my various sites if you're into boho/crystal/metal/treasureful little things, handmade with love by yours truly :)


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To the Stars

What I'm Wearing
Crop Top // American Apparel
Knit // Forever 21
Shorts // Forever 21
Necklace // Vintage
Boots // Makemechic

Who knows anymore
How to get to the stars
My map leads to too many places
Too many faces seem familiar first glance
And each chance seems more real than before
So who knows anymore
How to get to the stars
Because my map leads to too many places

I'm doing a quick post today since I'm heading straight for the beach to get some good ocean air in my lungs before I need to get back to work. I love this look because it's so versatile for different events, and not only that it's really comfortable and easy to get around in. I started with one of my favorite crop tops from American Apparel and paired them with these shorts that I love so much- they have the prettiest lace pattern on them, but the black lines makes it easy to pair them with darker things, which tends to be a must in my outfits. I then went with a color blocking knit cardigan that keeps me warm always, lastly adding some sparkle with these cutout boots, a necklace, and a gold chained purse to tie all the elements together. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Mornings

What I'm Wearing
Beanie // No Fun Press
Denim Jacket // Men's Levi's (borrowed from my wonderful boyfriend's closet)
Necklace // Made myself (See my Jewelry Collection Here)
Leopard Slip Ons //
"It was all a part of being trustworthy-of being a piece of sea glass.
 High tides, low tides, storms, sand and mistakes all contributed to the polishing process.
Though difficult to endure at the time, the demanding elements helped smooth the surface, transforming one into a better person, not worse. A person who learned from the harsh environment, who knew the storm would end, and who felt confidence she would still be in once piece."
- Maria V. Snyder
That full moon last night was so big, I kept finding myself stepping outside to look at it. There isn't a thing in this world I find more captivating than the moon and the ocean so last night was amazing. I spent a lot of time this weekend really thinking about everything in my life; the things I've lost and gained over the last year. A little over a year ago when I started fashion blogging I had a lot of heavy/unfortunate/life changing things happening and I honestly couldn't picture where I was going to be today, but now that I'm here I couldn't be more grateful. It's been a lot of really hard work  but I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to just keeping doing exactly that; working on all of my goals, and keep expanding, pushing myself, and of course keep my loved ones close all the while. I'm just feeling so appreciative to all the people that I have around me, that support and love me for me, just the most wonderful, beautiful people I could ask for. Speaking of, I got to borrow this rad denim jacket from my boyfriend's closet, and I really think it pulled the whole look together. I've wanted to do a look with this dress for a while, but it's such a "Vavavoom" kinda dress that I've been trying to figure out how to tone it down a little for a day look. I just bought these leopard print slip ons that are rather similar to a Givenchy pair that recently came out (see here).  I just love all the fashion going on right now and making it my own style, theres so many fun trends right now to work with.