Summer Thought

What I'm Wearing
Kimono // Forever 21
Crop Top // American Apparel
Shorts // Forever 21
Boots // Forever 21
Bracelets/necklaces/headpiece // Chelsea Den Jewelry
Wet sweaters and thoughts about summer. I've got dreams of our sunny days and butterflies in my stomach. We'll take the beauty, leaving the rest behind. So hold my hand and drop your heart. We've only ever heard of vulnerability until now. I'll breathe what's left of me into your soul. And stamp my mark across these dirt roads. Crossing out memories to spark what's new. Let's run until our legs give out. Fly until the sun goes down. Stampede through this vastness like life never knew where to begin and failed to find a reason to ever end.  
All winter long I talked about getting a kimono for Spring. I love this trend so much-especially because of the floral patterns. Since it's getting nice and warm here in Santa Barbara I thought now would be a good time to break out my spring find :) I paired my Kimono with a black crop top from American Apparel and some simple black lace shorts; The kimono already has such a vibrant pattern that I didn't want to have it competing with anything else, therefore I went for head to toe black. I broke up the black by choosing pieces that would still show off skin (since this is a summer look after all!) I then went for some statement accessory pieces; a gold chain headpiece, gold bracelets, and some layered bullet shell necklaces. I finished off the whole look with some black boots that have big gold buckles in them to tie in the little bit of sparkle from the jewelry. 
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Goodbye Drives

What I'm Wearing
Leather Jacket // Tobi
Tank Top // Urban Outfitters
Leggings // See You Monday (bought at Crossroads Trading Co.)
Boots // AMI Clubwear
Gold Chain // Vintage
Buffalo Tooth Necklace // Chelsea Den Jewelry
I wanted to write down lovely words for today...Wanted to share some romantic picture, but my mind feels blocked with a single thought. I think that change is coming. How does that feel? When those words no longer are made up of letters but literal actions that shift and move the very rhythm and flow of daily life. I can feel the panic rise  up in my throat before my heart or head has the chance to stifle it. Even then, I break to breathe and leave behind a mess of the should've's and could've's that failed to rise to the surface of my decision making; all unimaginable, unreal worries that cloud up space. My space that keeps filling with noise and words, and the nonsense of naysayers and realists. Building and building into this calamity of loudness, blocking out all hopes of solitary silence, all hopes of hope. Quiet. Hush.  I need space to breathe away from life, so that life may breathe back into me. 
Gracing my lovely photos today is a beautiful 1971 220 Diesel Mercedes Benz that unfortunately my boyfriend and I had to part ways with this weekend. After sitting in the driveway for a month or so (after needing one too many expensive fixes) a lovely couple from San Diego came and picked her up yesterday. That was our perfect dream beach car that (along with moving me to another house) took us on some pretty classy trips. We will forever miss it, but I'm so thankful that I got a look shot with it. I'm sad to see it go, but it's definitely bittersweet.. And with that I chose a fun, trendy outfit to contrast with the classic vibe of the car. I love these leggings, but they are hard to pair with a shirt that isn't just a solid color, which is why I chose to wear just a solid white tank top with them. I then added a cream leather jacket that has leopard lining that shows when I roll my sleeves, tying in the leopard of the leggings. I lastly finished the look off with some layering necklaces; gold chain to add some style, and the water buffalo tooth necklace to add to the tribal feel. And gave (short) legs some length with these some chunky suede booties. 

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Late Sun

What I'm Wearing
Romper // Gypsy Warrior
Socks // Stance Socks
Boots // Dear Diary Santa Barbara
Necklace & Bracelet // Chelsea Den Jewelry
Sunglasses // Anthropologie
When I was younger I dreamt of a home with four walls that contained an ocean, and palm trees... sunsets by the beach. I had this brightly beautiful picture painted in my head of California, while my two feet stood planted in Colorado. But I made it out here to this sun kissed place, and my daydream filled upbringing is now a tangible existence. So I keep building, keep dreaming, keep thinking up more lovely things to strive for.  And that is my motivation to move forward- I wish to create, to love and be loved. Nothing more, nothing less. And hopefully through that a pretty beautiful life will come out of it all.
This Gypsy Warrior romper is one of my favorite summer pieces. The colors of it are faint enough to give it this quaint vintage feel that I think is so adorable. It paired really well with these brown boots that I just bought. I finished off the whole look with a calcite crystal necklace and matching bracelets to add some more earth tones.
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Sunflower Eyes

What I'm Wearing
Daisy Crop Top // AMI Clubwear
Skirt // AMI Clubwear
Sunglasses // AMI Clubwear
Socks // Stance Socks
Boots // Forever 21
Bracelet // Rows & Den
After a happy week of busy production and catching up on my fashion, jewelry, and everything else in between, I feel substantially blessed with the things around me. I'm always learning, always growing, but I've found my passions, and that is something I feel so lucky to have discovered. I started making jewelry simply because I couldn't find jewelry I wanted to wear in the stores. So I did some research, bought some materials, and started making it myself... And then more, and more, until I realized that jewelry making was a big passion of mine (and I didn't have enough space for all the jewels) so I thought I should start selling them. Well, multiple jewelry classes later, and with a little more experience under my belt I opened up my own online store Rows & Den. I'm constantly trying to learn new things, keep my mind open, and progress forward in everything that I do. I love having this fashion blog for the record that it is of my daily life, good and bad. Things aren't always easy, or perfect, or pretty, but I've got a crystal clear picture in my head of what I want out of life, and the determination to go for it, so I can't ask for much more. 
This outfit was such a lovely Spring gift from AMI Clubwear. I can't get over how much I love the exaggerated bell shape of the skirt, or the happy sunflower print of the crop top. I rolled the skirt over to shorten it just a hair, so that it contrasts with the 3/4 length of the sleeves. Since the outfit has the sort of young feel I added a pair of stance ankle socks and low black boots, to give the look a school girl vibe. Lastly, finishing off the outfit with a fun pair of oversized sunnies, that help to give the look a vintage feel also. Overall such an amazing outfit for summer- I just had to shoot this one at the beach. 
Thank you bunches AMI Clubwear

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Read the Label

What I'm wearing
Beanie // Read the Label 
Crop Top // American Apparel
Skirt // Forever 21
Cardigan // Lush (bought at Crossroads Trading Co.)
Boots // Forever 21
Amethyst Necklace // RowsDen 
Sunglasses // Anthropologie 
Just a little white house, the size of a cottage, so quaint. Sitting quietly, and ever so lovely on the sand. With windows lining each wall to let sunshine spill into each and every room that smells divinely of salty ocean air. Decadently decorated in the most understated of luxuries, with the slightest hints of floral, clean crisp white chiffon drapes that blow in and out of each window with the swish and crash of each wave. Delicately old chandeliers light up every room when the sun sets over that long horizon line. Just a treasure box of a home. My own happily ever after.  
I love, love, love this look. One of the many things that I love about being a fashion blogger is that I am constantly finding new and better ways to wear the clothes that I already own. I remember being a kid and staying up all night trying on all my clothes to find the perfect outfit for school the next day. Nowadays my nights are a bit more full and school is out of the picture (thankfully), so I have my lovely blogging to keep me outfit savvy. I started this particular look off with a cropped top from American apparel and a high waisted basic skater skirt from Forever 21. I knew that the different shades of blue would look wonderful together so it was a good base. I then added a long cardigan and a beanie to give the look a little more of a California grunge kind of feel. Lastly finishing off the look with my favorite black boots and one of my newest jewelry designs from RowsDen, the amethyst necklace.   

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Dancing On My Tip Toes

What I'm wearing 

Bowlers Cap // H&M
Crop Top // American Apparel
Cardigan // Forever 21
Skirt // American Apparel
Necklace // Vintage
Ankle Socks // Stance
Boots // Forever 21

I could hear the waves crashing behind me and could see your face in the front. Always smiling. Always lovely. And we flew down the road, breaking ground; the only memory of our presence left behind in a dissipating cloud of smoke. And that was that, onto the next. But as we kept going, reckless in our usual manner, the feeling of the waving coast in the rear view kept whispering to the hairs on the back of my neck. Calling me to a place where the old feels normal and the new is a distant dream only felt by longing fingertips; but my dreams are real. And I want nothing more than to hold them in the palm of my hand. So I danced away from the past, danced away from those whispers. Away from each damaging thought, that thinks miracles and wonderment fail to exist in such a beautiful world. 

I chose to shoot this particular look on this coast since it is such a girly, summer look. I first started my look off with my black crop top from american apparel and my pink chiffon american apparel skirt. I knew it would be so easy to put together an outfit with such a simple, yet really cute base. I then added my black belt to give my waist a little definition and the gold buckle adds a little dressiness to the look. I then went with my new stance ankle socks that I have been going crazy wearing with boots because I love them so much. I've recently been so surprised with Forever 21's shoe selection, in the happiest of ways. They're making wonderful copies of all the trendiest boot styles right now and selling them for a really decent price. I then topped off the look with my favorite bowlers cap and vintage necklace, and grabbed a cardigan for the beach!

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Daisy Days

What I'm Wearing
Flower Headband
Free People
Forever 21

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I've been trying to breathe a little deeper now. And every step that I take feels more intentional than the last; A slow, but forward motion walking up to whatever awaits at the end of all of this. Tiny lights lay on the ground illuminating my footprints. Showing me only what I need to see; nothing more, nothing less. And when I strain my eyes to figure out the curves ahead, I lose sight of my feet and fall out of step, out of sync. So for now I'll breathe deeper, step forward, left foot, then right, and keep my eyes on the twinkling lights. 
I wanted to do a summer look, I'm just getting so impatient waiting for it to get here! So Voila! I just recently bought this dress at forever 21. I loved the cut of the dress and knew it would be easy to dress up or down. Since it is still a tiny bit chilly, I wanted to be somewhat rational and went with some over the knee socks and a loose knit cardigan to add some layers, while still keeping the outfit light and airy. The Free People headband is one that I've had for a while now and I just love how it has leather ties in the back that I can tie into bows.