Wild, Wild West

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything-maybe a year... These photos have been burning a hole in my Lightroom catalog and it's time to get them out, into the world. 
Well I'm back- not sure how consistently or what exactly it is that I'm going to be sharing, but I figure I'll just follow my camera lens and see where I end up.
It's been a big year for me:
New Job
New Jewelry
New Confidence
New Passion to Enjoy Life
New Journey to Create
That's my little list of all the things on my mind these days. My new job has made finding time to create my jewelry and blog an exciting challenge- in the end I gave in and one of my creative outlets took the heave-ho (this blog). But after a year away I've realized that this blog was and is a nice little creative sanctuary away from all the nonstop rushing of life (something I just have never gotten the Users Manual for).  So I'm sticking with it and it feels EXCITING and JOYFUL! I'll be working on the visuals of the blog for the next little while. A lot has changed over the last year or so including my perspective. I have a vague, fresh, and mood-filled outlook and direction in which I want to take things...Stay Tuned! 
I can't wait to be doing this again. I can't wait to be sharing my thoughts, words, visuals with anyone out there interested.

Thanks for welcoming me back.
I'm here to stay.


Shorts: American Apparel
Cardigan: Blush (Nordstrom)
Boots: Forever 21
Hat: Forever 21
Necklace: Chelsea Den Jewelry


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