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Santa Barbara, California has been my happy, paradise-of-a-home for the past 7 years. Originally born and raised in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, I moved farther west to pursue my BFA in Professional Photography and have fallen in love with this coast ever since. 
 My love for photography dates back to when I was 12 years old and given my first camera by my Dad and well, it was love at first shutter click, hehe. From the moment I learned photography I knew it would always be a major part of my life. 
Over the years my interests broadened when I started learning about crystals,  minerals, and gems in school. It was around the same time that I was starting my first fashion blog, a new and exciting venture that would teach me so much about working with companies and collaborating creatively with others. I was noticing more and more that the jewelry in the store wasn't interesting to me and I thought maybe I could just make some pieces for myself to wear in my blog photos. 
Designing and creating jewelry became something I looked forward to every day and new ideas were constantly coming to me- I was excited about the idea of wearing my crystals throughout the day so creating crystal jewelry just made sense. And I loved it! 
I now have a steadily growing jewelry business that has been around for the past 3 years and it's an absolute dream come true for me. I have been using a technique called electroforming for 2 years and am constantly learning and growing with the process.
This blog is a place for me to continue sharing my first and foremost love of photography along with my writings, thoughts and (of course) some outfits in between! 
Thank you for taking a look and following me along on my journey!
Love you all, Earth Angels

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