Ocean Home {Part I}

Faded freckles now that I'm getting a little bit older
I still love the feeling of sun on my cheeks
Something brought me to the ocean
Flowers in hand with old feelings in my heart
getting ready to leave
I've never failed to find some peace in this place
while the weaves crash up ahead
 I can feel my lungs fill up with air they wish they could drown in
If I could find a place that makes me feel the way the ocean does
I would pack up and leave in an instant
Forever content, forever wrapped up in the feeling of peace

What I'm Wearing:
White dress // Lace Kimono // Hat-Forever21 // Bracelets-Alex + Ani //

This particular blog post is going to be broken up into two different parts because I had so many photos  (and things to say) that I didn't want to jam pack them into one post! I had the idea to do this shoot out of nowhere one day and it's ended up being the absolute right thing that couldn't have happened at a more perfect time (yay creative inspiration light bulbs!) 
It's been almost three years since I finished college. Three years since living, breathing, sleeping, eating, photography. Three years since I started my blog, found my love of jewelry making; three years of absolute growth, change, struggle, magic, beauty. And here I am, still completely at the beginning, still completely raw with leaps and bounds to learn and millions of experiences to live. But I'm happy. I'm excited and beyond ready to show the world what I've got to offer.
I started my blog with the hopes of sharing my love of fashion and to inspire young people everywhere to follow their dreams no matter how far fetched they might seem (because eh hem, that's my entire life!) Over time it has turned into something so much more, and lately I find myself wanting to share who I am in the most honest and real way. So starting with these couple posts I just want to introduce you all to myself a little more!
  • I'm Chelsea, 23 years old, living in Santa Barbara, California. 
  • I love astrology, and most certainly believe everything happens for a reason when it's supposed to
  • I'm a cancer in the astrological world, but every astrologist will tell you that technically I'm a Leo because of the time I was born-which is actually really amazing since being a Leo makes so much more sense for who I am.
  • I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) but moved to California a month after my high school graduation to go to Brooks Institute of Photography.
  • The ocean is my favorite, most calming place I can go to.
  •  I love to bake to the point where the kitchens overflowing with more sweets than my boyfriend and I can eat. 
  • I'm vegetarian, and an avid yoga practicer. I love, love, love me some yoga!
  •  Palm Trees make me incredibly happy to see each and every day. 
  • I have a deep love for Gilmore Girls and can't wait for them to bring it back.
  • Crystals all the way! My favorites right now are Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aragonite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Citrine, Sunstone, Garnet, and Labradorite
  • I tell everyone that my Husky (named Mika) is my furry soulmate and I 100% believe it. I couldn't have ever ended up with a more perfect pup.
  • I really want to figure out how to keep plants alive because I love them so much and it breaks my heart when they die.
  • I have an amazing boyfriend named Nick, we live together in Santa Barbara with our Husky/Samoyed mix. We've been together for almost three years, and I couldn't be happier. He's a glassblower, extremely creative, sweet, goofy, he supports me so much, he makes me laugh so much, he's my best friend. I love him with all my heart.  
  • Above all qualities in other people I value honesty most. 
  • I have a really unique sense of humor that can come off really dry and doesn't always go over so well. I  always appreciate anyone who has a solid amount of wit. 
  •  I love laughing and especially love making other people laugh.
  • My favorite foods are nachos, avocado toast, french fries, potato chips, and banana splits. 
  • I love film photography, especially working in a darkroom, processing, printing, the whole shebang. 
  • I have six camera bodies; a Rollei 35, my nikon d7000, my nikon F100(35mm film), my Bronica S2(120mm film), My Polaroid Land Camera, and my fuji instax. I love them all so much, but my favorites to shoot with are my instant cameras and my Bronica S2 (because it takes the most amazing photos!)
  • It's been my dream to live in California since I was a little girl- which might seem silly to all the people who lived their whole lives here, but c'mon guys… This place is seriously amazing!!
  •  I'm teaching myself how to play the Ukulele.
  • A little less than two years ago my dad passed away from cancer. It was swift; he was diagnosed in September and then nine months later he was gone. It was hard to cope with, it still is…I don't think I'll ever feel completely okay with it, but it continues to teach me so much about life and the importance of quality of life when living. I know he's watching over me always. I love you dad.     
  • My family really rocks. Like seriously. They're the best. 
  • I have an older brother and sister that have always always always been true inspirations of great character and such hard work. They're both so incredibly intelligent and doing truly important things in the world… it constantly amazes me when I hear about what's going on with each of their careers.
  •  I have the coolest little sister that my family adopted from China when she was just 15 months old; I was 11 at the time making her now 13 about to turn 14 years old in May, which just about blows my mind. She's a superstar all around.
  •  Lastly, I have quite the incredible mother who taught me everything I know about fashion, being an honest person, and that no matter what, people come first; she was the mom who always, always wore heels, but was always so on top of everything whether it was holidays, birthdays, or even just celebrating the fact that one of us got an A on a test or paper in school... it overwhelmed me even as a kid (to this day she doesn't visit me WITHOUT bringing something amazing that she's baked for my boyfriend and I) But she's taught me so much more than that. I tell her everything. She's incredible. 
  • I have huge dreams, I've had huge dreams ever since I can remember. 
  • I love making jewelry, I love creating little pieces of beauty that I can share with other people.
  • If I could wake up and create every day for the rest of my life I would be absolutely and perfectly content, which is amazing because I'm already heading in that direction hopefully. 

SO this was a lot and if you really want to know more feel free to ask me in the comments. 

Thanks guys! xoxo

Photography by Ash Robinson
Photoshop/Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis

Continued in Part II


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