Birthday Shoes

Sweater: H&M
Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Vans
I’ve been excited to post this look for a couple reasons. First, I am now officially 21, so this is my “Happy 21 Years" look. And secondly, these are not only my new shoes, but they are new BIRTHDAY shoes (which makes them ten times more magical). Lastly, it had been cloudy all day and I wanted to shoot my birthday look at the ocean because it’s my favorite place, and the sun ended up coming out just as I set up to shoot :) I’m a happy girl
I haven’t owned vans for quite some time now…my last pair were around my middle school years. They were checkered, I was awkward, not the best combination…But times have changed since then (I’d like to think) and at the lovely age of 21 I have come into a newer upgraded pair. I’ve been eyeing some leopard print high top vans for a while now, but have begun to see them a little too commonly amongst others, and was starting to change my mind about purchasing a pair until I happened to walk into the Santa Barbara Vans store. I walked straight into these beauties. They’re a nice cross between the classic van and the high top-which I haven’t seen a whole lot. I fell in love with the brown suede in the front mixed with the tribal print on the heel-making them moccasin-esque while still sticking to that skater vans feel. Voila! They made for a perfect birthday present!
The only tricky thing about these shoes are they have black and brown in them. I love that about them, but too much black and brown in one outfit can go way wrong too fast. I decided to stick to some simple, neutral colors with an oversized sweater, and a simple pair of old shorts. Since the sweater is so big and can be rather see through I put on a small, simple crop top. This top is dark to match the heels of the vans while also having a nice pop of pattern that isn’t too much so it won’t clash with the pattern on the shoes. I added a small, but still there, brown belt to tie in the brown suede of the shoes and really wrap the whole outfit up. I ended up with a (personal favorite) relaxed california girl look, that I can’t wait to wear again and again.   


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