Rawness At It's Finest

What I'm Wearing
Crop Top // American Apparel
Chain // Vintage
Skirt // Urban Outfitters

Over time the walls come down and the truth falls through. All that you held close is now spread across that cold floor you've been pacing back and forth on. While each and every emotion pulls at you from the wayside; complete rawness at it's finest. We've said our peace, louder and more poignant than either of us intended. But intentions are just that-a falsehood meant to temporarily hold off what's inevitable. Becoming an excuse for when things go south, or maybe north... I've seemed to have lost my direction within these four walls we've created. There comes a time when the truth finds light and the floor breaks beneath your feet. That's when you let go, that's when you fall, and that's when you breathe.
I've taken time off from my work as a result of some very heavy things happening in my life. After being diagnosed with cancer in September, my father passed away a few weeks ago. I wanted to tell you this with a heart full of love, and with wishes that if you're reading you will seek out what matters to you and put all the selfless love that you have into it, whatever it may be. Regardless of what you believe in, this life is beautiful and I truly believe that each of us can create the picture that we want. Just know that you're going to have to work, you're going to go through hardships, you're going to fall, and that's just the facts. But as long as you're putting your goodness into the world, without causing harm to those around you, you will succeed and you will find your happiness. I believe that with all my soul. So I want to send health and happiness to everyone reading this-take advantage of this remarkable life; this amazing chance we've been given to live out every unbelievably huge dream that we can think of. 
All my love
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