La La La

What I'm Wearing
Bowlers Cap // H&M
Crop Top // American Apparel
Skirt // Forever 21
Socks // Stance Socks
Boots // Forever 21
Sunglasses // Anthropologie
Necklaces // RowsDen Jewelry
Breathe because you won't break, run because you can take it, dance under stars and sing through words. There's time to be taken and too much sorrow to be felt in the world today. So I wish for some bittersweet nothings whispered in my ear of La Di Da's...The kind I used to repeat on lined paper like romance was an endless cup of daisies and sunflowers. But love speaks of words and romance only rings of similar songs that bursted at the seams and then fizzled out to become nostalgic nights. Carry on laughs, I've got the vigor of a child, and the thought process of an adult that's grown up too fast. Waiting, wandering, wishing for careless freedom and an unending unawareness of the reality that I live in. 
I wrote a completely different post with some inspirational thoughts...I might still post it someday, but instead..about halfway through I had the strongest urge to just share some pretty words. So there you go! The other post will just have to wait for another day it would seem. I wanted to wear something really simple, so that I could rock these new necklaces that I most recently designed. I went with my favorite black crop top that pairs oh so easily with everything and added a gray skater skirt on the bottom. I then went with a black bowlers cap, to give the outfit more of a fashion feel, along with a belt to define my waist, and some lace ankle socks to tie in the vintage feel of the hat. I threw on some boots that have bulky buckles to tie in the layering of the necklaces and voila! Summer outfit ready

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