Summer Thought

What I'm Wearing
Kimono // Forever 21
Crop Top // American Apparel
Shorts // Forever 21
Boots // Forever 21
Bracelets/necklaces/headpiece // Chelsea Den Jewelry
Wet sweaters and thoughts about summer. I've got dreams of our sunny days and butterflies in my stomach. We'll take the beauty, leaving the rest behind. So hold my hand and drop your heart. We've only ever heard of vulnerability until now. I'll breathe what's left of me into your soul. And stamp my mark across these dirt roads. Crossing out memories to spark what's new. Let's run until our legs give out. Fly until the sun goes down. Stampede through this vastness like life never knew where to begin and failed to find a reason to ever end.  
All winter long I talked about getting a kimono for Spring. I love this trend so much-especially because of the floral patterns. Since it's getting nice and warm here in Santa Barbara I thought now would be a good time to break out my spring find :) I paired my Kimono with a black crop top from American Apparel and some simple black lace shorts; The kimono already has such a vibrant pattern that I didn't want to have it competing with anything else, therefore I went for head to toe black. I broke up the black by choosing pieces that would still show off skin (since this is a summer look after all!) I then went for some statement accessory pieces; a gold chain headpiece, gold bracelets, and some layered bullet shell necklaces. I finished off the whole look with some black boots that have big gold buckles in them to tie in the little bit of sparkle from the jewelry. 
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