Goodbye Drives

What I'm Wearing
Leather Jacket // Tobi
Tank Top // Urban Outfitters
Leggings // See You Monday (bought at Crossroads Trading Co.)
Boots // AMI Clubwear
Gold Chain // Vintage
Buffalo Tooth Necklace // Chelsea Den Jewelry
I wanted to write down lovely words for today...Wanted to share some romantic picture, but my mind feels blocked with a single thought. I think that change is coming. How does that feel? When those words no longer are made up of letters but literal actions that shift and move the very rhythm and flow of daily life. I can feel the panic rise  up in my throat before my heart or head has the chance to stifle it. Even then, I break to breathe and leave behind a mess of the should've's and could've's that failed to rise to the surface of my decision making; all unimaginable, unreal worries that cloud up space. My space that keeps filling with noise and words, and the nonsense of naysayers and realists. Building and building into this calamity of loudness, blocking out all hopes of solitary silence, all hopes of hope. Quiet. Hush.  I need space to breathe away from life, so that life may breathe back into me. 
Gracing my lovely photos today is a beautiful 1971 220 Diesel Mercedes Benz that unfortunately my boyfriend and I had to part ways with this weekend. After sitting in the driveway for a month or so (after needing one too many expensive fixes) a lovely couple from San Diego came and picked her up yesterday. That was our perfect dream beach car that (along with moving me to another house) took us on some pretty classy trips. We will forever miss it, but I'm so thankful that I got a look shot with it. I'm sad to see it go, but it's definitely bittersweet.. And with that I chose a fun, trendy outfit to contrast with the classic vibe of the car. I love these leggings, but they are hard to pair with a shirt that isn't just a solid color, which is why I chose to wear just a solid white tank top with them. I then added a cream leather jacket that has leopard lining that shows when I roll my sleeves, tying in the leopard of the leggings. I lastly finished the look off with some layering necklaces; gold chain to add some style, and the water buffalo tooth necklace to add to the tribal feel. And gave (short) legs some length with these some chunky suede booties. 

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  1. Hi Chelsea,

    I really love your outfit (every singe piece of it) and the idea to use the classic vibe of the car. It made me a bit sad to read your feelings... I know how it feels to let a car go... :(

    Lot's of love from Germany!


  2. I am so glad that was amazing style i am crazy about that sooooo beauty

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