Read the Label

What I'm wearing
Beanie // Read the Label 
Crop Top // American Apparel
Skirt // Forever 21
Cardigan // Lush (bought at Crossroads Trading Co.)
Boots // Forever 21
Amethyst Necklace // RowsDen 
Sunglasses // Anthropologie 
Just a little white house, the size of a cottage, so quaint. Sitting quietly, and ever so lovely on the sand. With windows lining each wall to let sunshine spill into each and every room that smells divinely of salty ocean air. Decadently decorated in the most understated of luxuries, with the slightest hints of floral, clean crisp white chiffon drapes that blow in and out of each window with the swish and crash of each wave. Delicately old chandeliers light up every room when the sun sets over that long horizon line. Just a treasure box of a home. My own happily ever after.  
I love, love, love this look. One of the many things that I love about being a fashion blogger is that I am constantly finding new and better ways to wear the clothes that I already own. I remember being a kid and staying up all night trying on all my clothes to find the perfect outfit for school the next day. Nowadays my nights are a bit more full and school is out of the picture (thankfully), so I have my lovely blogging to keep me outfit savvy. I started this particular look off with a cropped top from American apparel and a high waisted basic skater skirt from Forever 21. I knew that the different shades of blue would look wonderful together so it was a good base. I then added a long cardigan and a beanie to give the look a little more of a California grunge kind of feel. Lastly finishing off the look with my favorite black boots and one of my newest jewelry designs from RowsDen, the amethyst necklace.   

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