Dancing On My Tip Toes

What I'm wearing 

Bowlers Cap // H&M
Crop Top // American Apparel
Cardigan // Forever 21
Skirt // American Apparel
Necklace // Vintage
Ankle Socks // Stance
Boots // Forever 21

I could hear the waves crashing behind me and could see your face in the front. Always smiling. Always lovely. And we flew down the road, breaking ground; the only memory of our presence left behind in a dissipating cloud of smoke. And that was that, onto the next. But as we kept going, reckless in our usual manner, the feeling of the waving coast in the rear view kept whispering to the hairs on the back of my neck. Calling me to a place where the old feels normal and the new is a distant dream only felt by longing fingertips; but my dreams are real. And I want nothing more than to hold them in the palm of my hand. So I danced away from the past, danced away from those whispers. Away from each damaging thought, that thinks miracles and wonderment fail to exist in such a beautiful world. 

I chose to shoot this particular look on this coast since it is such a girly, summer look. I first started my look off with my black crop top from american apparel and my pink chiffon american apparel skirt. I knew it would be so easy to put together an outfit with such a simple, yet really cute base. I then added my black belt to give my waist a little definition and the gold buckle adds a little dressiness to the look. I then went with my new stance ankle socks that I have been going crazy wearing with boots because I love them so much. I've recently been so surprised with Forever 21's shoe selection, in the happiest of ways. They're making wonderful copies of all the trendiest boot styles right now and selling them for a really decent price. I then topped off the look with my favorite bowlers cap and vintage necklace, and grabbed a cardigan for the beach!

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