Pretty As A Flower

What I'm Wearing:
Over the Knee Socks
Leather Tassel Necklace
Pour La Victoire

I saw Marilyn Monroe in a suit and tie last night as I walked through the streets of Los Angeles. She was smiling as she stared off into the distance. Leaning against a dumpster, clinging to it. Haphazardly posed there by someone else. Obviously not on her own terms. She wore a suit, by the dumpster smiling. Pretty as a flower.
So today is the last day to submit for the Love Nail Tree Contest on Lookbook and I just had to submit one more! This little snippet that  is about a sticker I saw one night in the arts district of Los Angeles. I snapped a quick shot of it for my instagram, and left it at that until the next morning, when I had the strongest urge to write down a few words about Marilyn Monroe. I've always thought that she carries such a unique energy with her- almost a glamorous sadness. But there is something to say about the fact that she captivated the entire world; and I will forever admire lovely lady Monroe for that one.