What I'm Wearing
Golden Studded Moccasins 
By the ocean I can breathe easier; the air smells salty in the sweetest of ways and the breeze is deeper, more intentional, working in sync with the tide. Coming from a state surrounded by land, I grew up longing to live close to great vast open water. I dreamed of palm trees and summer all year, laughs and smiles, all taking the form of polaroids in my mind...Absolute beauty. That ocean took my heart the first day I got to it and staked it's claim on it forever; Along with that cute little husky who photo-bombed my photo shoot in her usual classy style :)
I love these pants so much-The zipper was broken at Urban Outfitters, therefore I got them on sale for $7.00!! After they handed me the receipt I felt the slightest urge to run out of the store before they realized that somehow they could have been marked wrong or made a mistake (they didn't) I just couldn't believe my luck! I simply sewed them up and called it good. I paired them with a light sweater from H&M that I could tuck into the front for a sort of comfy, but put together look. Since this was a trip to the beach I wanted to wear shoes that I could take off easily, but still be cute, therefore I went with these awesome Zara Moccasins with golden studs. Lastly putting my hair in a top bun and rolling the pant legs to add a little bit of a vintage vibe to the whole outfit. 
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