Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring Trends 2014

  1. Motel Topi Dress // Nasty Gal 
  2. Floral Textured Flippy Dress // Topshop 
  3. Lily Love Dress // Nasty Gal
  4. Ella Maxi Dress // Nasty Gal
  5. Snake Printed Duster Coat // Topshop
  6. Cameo Sweet Life Coat // Nasty Gal
  7. Charlene Wool Coat // Nasty Gal
  8. Bubble Jacquered Midi Skirt // Top Shop
  9. Black Flare Pleated Midi Skirt // Sheinside
  10. Roses Love Skirt // MSGM
  11. Reaching High Notes Skirt // Tobi
  12. Jeffrey Campbell Flat // Nasty Gal
  13. Shoe Cult Cosmonaut Sandal // Nasty Gal
  14. Metal Affair Sandal // Tobi
  15. Lonely Sabel Cutout Lace Bra // Nasty Gal
  16. Fishnet Bralette // Topshop
  17. Red Rose Satin Bralette // Topshop
  18. Half Sleeve Seam Tee // Topshop
  19. Check On It Top // Tobi
  20. Suede Leather T-shirt // American Apparel 
  21. Electric Sky Satchel // Nasty Gal
  22. Crystal Love Cuff // Nasty Gal 
  23. Quay Fleur Shades // Nasty Gal
It's the middle of February so I thought now would be a good time to start talking about the fashion trends for Spring 2014! The runways of New York Fashion Week didn't fail to impress for our upcoming season- I'd have to say this was one of my favorite fashion weeks in a long time. There was a very strong theme of empowered feminism across all the runways. The big question when dressing yourself is "who are you?" and "who do you want to be?" There were a wide variety of takes on feminism whether it was a warrior vibe mixed with vibrant graffiti and tribal patterns splashed across strong cutouts or the ulterior of the exquisitely sugar-coated white girly lace dresses, long skirts, and temptingly divine see through statement pieces, to the all new Avant Garde of head to toe slightly 90's all black look. It goes without saying this season is definitely one for girls and women everywhere to take advantage of.  After years of menswear and baggy layering, we really get to go back to owning our feminism, but with a whole new powerful take; it's time to show off some of that sexiness, while still maintaining a level of class and ladylikeness.  
I put together my very own wish list of all my favorite trends that hit the runways (at a more manageable price), and included links to each piece for easy shopping!
To see photos of New York Fashion week and to know which designers made what

Friday, February 7, 2014


What I'm Wearing
Golden Studded Moccasins 
By the ocean I can breathe easier; the air smells salty in the sweetest of ways and the breeze is deeper, more intentional, working in sync with the tide. Coming from a state surrounded by land, I grew up longing to live close to great vast open water. I dreamed of palm trees and summer all year, laughs and smiles, all taking the form of polaroids in my mind...Absolute beauty. That ocean took my heart the first day I got to it and staked it's claim on it forever; Along with that cute little husky who photo-bombed my photo shoot in her usual classy style :)
I love these pants so much-The zipper was broken at Urban Outfitters, therefore I got them on sale for $7.00!! After they handed me the receipt I felt the slightest urge to run out of the store before they realized that somehow they could have been marked wrong or made a mistake (they didn't) I just couldn't believe my luck! I simply sewed them up and called it good. I paired them with a light sweater from H&M that I could tuck into the front for a sort of comfy, but put together look. Since this was a trip to the beach I wanted to wear shoes that I could take off easily, but still be cute, therefore I went with these awesome Zara Moccasins with golden studs. Lastly putting my hair in a top bun and rolling the pant legs to add a little bit of a vintage vibe to the whole outfit. 
To see more photos

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pretty As A Flower

What I'm Wearing:
Over the Knee Socks
Leather Tassel Necklace
Pour La Victoire

I saw Marilyn Monroe in a suit and tie last night as I walked through the streets of Los Angeles. She was smiling as she stared off into the distance. Leaning against a dumpster, clinging to it. Haphazardly posed there by someone else. Obviously not on her own terms. She wore a suit, by the dumpster smiling. Pretty as a flower.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Eve of Evolution

A week or so ago I modeled for a good friend of mine, named Chelsea Lawler, who is a rather talented fine art photographer. Conceptualizing no one place in time into a series of beautiful black and white photographs. I got to portray the most sophisticated of vultures sharing a meal with my date in the dessert. It was an amazing day of shooting, laughing, and hard work, which clearly paid off in these shots :) I had a great time with the whole crew and got to run wild through sand dunes in a mesh leotard...I couldn't be happier
Check out the entire series along with all of Chelsea's awesome Fine Art Photography by clicking on the link below