Bittersweet Refrain

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Sparkle and Fade Velvet Blue Crop Top
Burgundy Body Con Skirt
Thigh High Boots 
Burgundy Tassel

After a long day of laundry and running errands I used the last little bit of daylight to edit some photos for a Thursday post. I shot this look during my trip in Colorado, and each time I look at the photos, I'm reminded of the cold that I felt in Colorado. Making me oh so grateful to be living in the sunshine of Santa Barbara. My lovely little Husky turns two today, and after a wild trip to the beach yesterday with her, I'm feeling rather lucky to have such an amazing little creature in my life. So wrapping up a short post today, I thought I'd just remind myself that even though life is busy, and sometimes too real to face, I've got some pretty spectacularly unreal blessings making it better each day between my beautiful home, and my beautiful, happy, healthy dog. 
I was lucky enough to get to borrow these handsome over the knee Michael Kors boots, that I fell in love with at first sight. I decided to go with a color blocking, tight outfit, something that would really compliment those handsome heels. I went with a velvet cropped top from Urban Outfitters. The blue color compliments the bluer gray of the boots. To add a little bit of warmth to the outfit, I put on a tight body con skirt from Guess. The color really balances out the coldness of the boots and shirt, while still going with the whole color blocking theme. I threw on a burgundy tassel to tie in the burgundy skirt, and kept the rest of the look really simple and clean.