Sing By The Piano

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Bowlers Cap
Gold Tassel

Dear Moon,
Stay with me
 If just for tonight
As the cold wraps me up
 I need the warmth of your light
I know you are there, I can see your pale face
 Still you seem so far, 
as my feet stand in place

I need you to whisper 
all you know in my ear
How you light up the night
each year after year 
Baring witness to that,
 which the day cannot take
Illuminating the shadows
 and what creeps in it's wake

How can you be 
so bright in the dark
I exclaimed to the sky
when I heard this remark
The moon turned around
A globe of light for a head
He seemed sad in his eyes 
as he looked down and said

"I've seen all the darkness 
this world could create
And I'll tell you the truth
I've had my fair share of debates
Of what's right and what's wrong 
the good and the bad
I won't lie when I say
in the past I've been mad

But I've learned that the anger
 feeds darkness, kills light
And the light that I shine
Well it's just much too bright
To be wasted on something so trivial as this
No, I've spent too much time with those thoughts
long dismissed

I do not sit 
each night in the sky
To unveil all the darkness 
that wishes to hide
Those thoughts are much smaller
 than the light that I shine
Listen here closely
just for this last rhyme
The whole reason for life, for you, and for me
is to live through our truth
Only then are we free"

By Chelsea Den

I wanted to share a little bit of writing with you today. This is a love of mine that I am building up the courage to share with you all, so bare with me, as it is definitely going to be a slow introduction into it. This is just my latest thought put on paper, and since it happens to be about the moon I'm feeling happy enough with it to share. Plus it really sums up how I'm feeling coming into this big bright new year; lots of opportunity is for the taking if you're willing to work hard, not give up, and don't hold back! There's a lot of good things on the way. 
Now if you're wondering who that little girl could be in my photos, I would like to introduce you to my little sister JiJi. My family and I adopted JiJi about ten years ago when she was a baby from China. During my trip home to Colorado I got to hang out with her a bunch which made my heart so so happy (and not just because she's so wonderful already), but she even stepped in as my photographer for a few outfits while I was out there. I had to have her pose for a few shots (whether she wanted to or not), and I'm thrilled to get to have her in this post. 
This outfit today is one that I love so much and it's fairly simple. I paired my girly chiffon American Apparel skirt with a classic cream wool sweater. I loved the ways the wool and chiffon contrast each other and it makes for some really different outfit variations. I decided to go with some black tights and black boots to really make the lighter colors of my outfit pop. I then added a black bowlers cap on top to balance out the heavy black on bottom, topping off the look with a girly cream peacoat. I added a classic string of pearls and a gold tassel to give the outfit a little bit of glitter, to make a classic feminine look ideal for day or night.