Rain Clouds Above the Railroad Tracks

Hat: H&M

Royal Blue Collared Button Up: Forever 21

Sweater: Full Tilt

Shorts: Forever 21

Purse: Deena & Ozzy (Bought at Urban Outfitters)

Bullet Encased Crystal Necklace: Rows & Den

As rain clouds began to roll over the Santa Barbara Mountains, I felt that lovely chill that comes with Fall. I'm feeling extra festive and the weather is being so lovely and accommodating to my Autumn mood, so today I layered up. I'm not sure if preppy is still a style, but it definitely used to be, and it definitely was never mine. Every once in a while though, I can't help but utilize certain aspects of that oh-so-crisp-and-clean garb...For instance; a nice button up layered underneath a sweater with the collar sticking out. Yes folks, it's all about the collar. I like to think I gave this classic look my own touch. Underneath a (very) loosely knit burgundy sweater, I wore a royal blue, sleeveless, button up from Forever 21. The blue tank hasn't gotten much wear in my closet because of the style, but I love it underneath this sweater. The colors compliment eachother nicely, and the blue from the undershirt peaks out through the knit adding a fun peek-a-boo effect. I wore both tops with a classic pair of black high waisted shorts. These shorts are great for making any outfit a little more formal, and the pretty knit on the sides is a wonderful feminine touch to any look. I added a suede belt from American Apparel to define my waist, then topped off the look with a bowlers cap and some simple black boots. And just for a little sparkle, I added a gold bullet encased crystal necklace tucked underneath the collar. Overall, I love this look, and could really wear it for anything, while still looking Fall festive.

Photos By Ashley Jean
Post Processing/Photoshop By Chelsea Den