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I'm very happy and very, very excited about the next coming months..for a couple reasons :)
  • I am now officially the proud owner of Rows &, which is an online store selling my jewelry and photography prints. I've been working on this for quite some time now, and am finally seeing the business heading in the right direction. Please check it out, (things are selling out already!) and feel free to purchase anything that you find lovely. 
  • I also have a new project in the works. And it's something I didn't even see coming. More details on that later... 
  • And lastly, I will be getting up my online closet to shop, once I get a few more things squared away on that business front.
This past week has seemed really crazy...I don't know if it's just me, but so many things have happened. I've been feeling a little more intense than I should. I'm a firm believer that life shouldn't be taken so seriously, yet I still over-think, worry, stress,  and finish out the day by going through my list of everything I still have to do tomorrow...Tomorrow. A day that completely hasn't arrived and as of that moment fails to exist. Yet I am consumed by it already. What's with that? I'm throwing the rule book out the window and going to just not worry. That's a crazy, irrational, mixed up concept...I know. But it's happening. And to tell the truth..I've never felt better. So to those of you reading this, that have had a week like mine, it's time to liberate yourself, step outside your head, and go do something fun. It's time to feel some genuine joy. 
And that's what this post is about. The day's are getting colder, I live in California, but luckily, I still get to see some leaves fall off of certain tress..Like these in my photo.  I needed to take advantage of the scenery which meant a wool sweater and knit thigh highs. I bought this sweater a while back from H&M. I love the vintage pattern on the front and the crop even more. I paired the top with some eyelet high waisted shorts, to balance out the cowl neck of the sweater. These cream knit thigh high socks are one of my favorite pieces of clothing that I don't get to wear nearly as much as I would like. I purchased them years ago (at a children's clothing store..) and have attempted to pair them with getups that just didn't go. Happily, for me, they compliment the sweater nicely, and with a gray suede boot, they really tie the whole outfit in, and make it pop. For a little bit of sparkle I added a bullet encased cream leather necklace, that can be found at my store (link above). And lastly, piled my hair on top of my head in a messy bun to go with the fun vibe of the socks.   
Get this look for $12+ on Lookastic: Grey Cropped Sweater, White Socks, and Grey Suede Boots

Photography by Ashley Jean
Post Processing/ Photoshop by Chelsea Den


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