Window Light

Bought at Melrose Trading Post
Pants: Forever 21 
Backpack: Vintage Fendi
Heels: L.A.M.B.
Necklace: Made by Myself  (Up for sale soon on my shop!)
I’m back! Like I said in my last post I was moving. Now that things are finally starting to settle down, I’m back and in business, bigger and better than ever! This is my first post shot in my new home. These windows were the first thing I noticed about my place. I don’t want to brag..but I can see the ocean from my kitchen :) if you know anything about me, then you know that is my absolute dream come true. Therefore, I had to do my first post in front of them! 
I bought these pants for such an amazing price at Forever 21, and they’re so comfy! I fell in love with the contrasting floral print and put a pocket on a comfy pant, skirt, or dress and you’ve won me over. Since these pants are so bold and the fit is baggy, I paired them with a simple, white, formfitting, turtlekneck crop top..that was a mouthful! The crop top adds just enough uniformity to pull in the pattern of the pant, while still showing off enough skin to make the outfit, cute, young, and sexy. I added a vintage fendi backpack, which is a treasured piece of my wardrobe. This backpack was my first piece of designer anything bought by myself when I was 15. It’s had it’s fair share of rough encounters in it’s time, which is shown in the wear and tear. It’s from the 1960’s and I bought it for an absolutely silly cheap price. My 15 year old self was thrilled to the core, I have to admit I still am. I then topped the whole look off with some thick nude heels to tie in the nude backpack. Lastly, I added a necklace from my own line of jewelry soon to be released!