Diamonds Are...

Romper: Cotton On (bought at Wasteland in LA)
Cardigan: H&M
Boots: Combat Boots Thrifted
Bag: H&M
 I have been waiting for a while now to wear this romper and am pretty excited with the whole outfit. My whole life I have loved the Adams family (as a little girl I wanted to be Wednesday Adams so badly) and this romper reminds me so much of that, and especially brings out my love for the darker side of things. I found this romper secondhand at a rather amazing store on Melrose in LA called Wasteland. When it comes to romper’s I’m very specific about them… I feel that they can look too childish too easily and they tend to not work so well on us shorter girls, so at first when I pulled it off the rack I was a little weary. Once I put it on though, any doubts I had were gone and this is by far my favorite romper I've ever put on.
The simple diamond pattern and amazing cutout back talked me into taking it to the dressing room and I’m so pleased that I did. The large cutout back gives it that maturity that rompers need, while the simplicity of it makes it so easy to pair with anything. I never do pass up an opportunity to show off a little lace bra in the back and this outfit was practically designed just for that. In case the back gets too cold I grabbed a light gray cardigan with elbow pads just to keep that funky vibe going. And I thought nothing would be more appropriate than my combat boots to wrap up the whole feel of the outfit. Normally I am fine with a complete black and white look, but because of the shape and blockiness of the romper it still needed a little something more to break up all of the darkness, which is where that lovely pop of red lips comes in. And then lastly, I put my hair in a pony tail, because I absolutely have to show off the back of that romper.