California Palm Trees

Top: Tobi
Shorts: BDG

One thing I adore about California is the Palm Trees. I just can't help but smile every single day when I see them outside my house. I moved here a few years ago from the wonderful state of Colorado, so as you can imagine I'm used to Pine..Not Palm. Don't get me wrong, I love a good mountain stocked full of burly, furry, pine trees covered in snow, but nothing compares to a looking at a palm tree on the beach in the warm sand....but hey it could just be me. I stepped outside today and took a gander at the beautiful day Santa Barbara decided to bring to me, and saw those happy Palm Trees. This day seemed so ideal that I had to go all out and wear my sunniest, good vibin', California sun outfit. This ones for you Palm Trees everywhere.
These shorts were purchased for a music festival, and to be honest, they haven't been worn a whole lot since...The bright colors are a little much for my taste, but every once in a while, they're exactly what I need to stand out. I love the tie dye of the shorts and decided to just go strong with the hippie vibe. I chose a white shirt and black heels because I have enough color happening simply from the shorts. I chose a black lace bra underneath to pull in the black heels, and topped the whole look off with a couple long necklaces that will sway with the movement of the top. The knit of the top and the dye die of the shorts work as patterns together and help to balance one another out (the vertical and horizontal tie dye, mixed with the circular knit on top).