Acid Washed

In This Look
Leather Jacket-Tobi // Knit Crop Top-Hanger 221 // Acid Washed High Waisted Denim-Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses-Raybans // Platform Heels-L.A.M.B //  Amethyst Necklace, Ruby Bracelet, Rose Quartz Bracelet, Vintage Watch

Sweet like peonies, I've got one breath left and I've saved it for you
You can sing so soft, but the bite breaks skin
I wanted your love because it was dripping with dares
It pulled me in and wrapped me up in the feeling of something new
And the music I'd hear, 
like the soundtrack to our short lived summer love,
would play through my head on a loop 
I can see the skyline of that angel city  
I can feel each and every haze filled exhale expand and then release,
Like the very breath from that instant could still exist in my lungs
Listening to the sounds of a thousand lived colliding in one place
I wanted to run with love, 
I've never been the best at falling for it
And I think a part of me saw that in you-
some broken yearning to find passion in another person
I wanted nothing more than to live in a story with you
And watch the rest of reality simply fall away while we created our new world

Happy Monday!
I had the nicest weekend, ending with a last minute choice to go out last night, have some drinks, and so so much dancing. It felt so good! There isn't a whole lot that makes me happier than listening to some loud, bumpin music, with lots of happy fun people, and just dance the night away! But Monday hit hard this morning, and I'm definitely battling a rather danced out, had-one-too-many-drinks kind of feeling in my body therefore I blended up my new favorite green smoothie to get me going. (I've been blending up kale, chard, spinach, a banana, frozen strawberries, and green tea) This smoothie is such a pick me up, PLUS blending up your greens is the best way to get all of the nutrients from them, and we can get so many more nutrients from greens than ANYTHING else that we eat! Basically, I'm just really grateful to know all this in times like this- even as I write this I can feel it kicking in, sweet!
This outfit is just a really sassy summer look. I love this top so much (I'm not ashamed to admit I have it in four different colors...) It goes so well with so many things, and I've been wanting to break out these jeans for a while now. I paired them with some amazing platforms by Gwen Stefani's brand. I then went with one of my favorite beige leather jackets, and topped off the look with an amethyst necklace that I made for myself. 
Well that's it for me today. Time to pick myself up out of bed somehow, someway and get this bright summer week started! 
Wishing you all a happy, productive week!

Photography by Ash Robinson
Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis