Denim, Leather, and Lace

"Beautiful things don't ask for attention"
 I have a confession about what I do when I'm home alone... This past week there have been times where I would be listening to my music working oh so diligently when out of nowhere I would have the most sudden urge to get up and dance, sing, and spastically jump all over my house like an absolute maniac...And I loved every second of it. That is until I would get so into it that I'd trip on myself  or hit a wall, or both (probably) and fall over laughing... But that's what music does for me- it just picks me up and gets me moving, laughing, singing; it lights up my goofiest, carefree, happiest self...  It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, dancing to a song that just moves me is one of the best feelings ever, AND probably one of the best, most organic cures for sadness. It never fails to take me out of my head and free me up to just feel all that's around me. I'm taking this feeling with me into the weekend, and I'm going to dance dance away.
Every once in a while I just really like wearing a feminine, girly, classic look. And while the knit/lace crop top is maybe not the most classic piece, it does have the best of retro feels flashing back to the 70's, which I just love! I paired this crop top with some favorite jeans from WellBinder, that I rolled at the ankles(it just really helps me look so much taller hehe). I then went with a classic pair of pointed toe snakeskin print nude pumps, and a matching nude leather jacket and pulled my hair back into a high pony for a polished look. 
Happy Friday! Wishing you a happy, carefree weekend!
Love, love, love,
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Photography by Ash Robinson
Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis


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