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What I'm Wearing
Crop Top // American Apparel
Denim // WellBinder LA
Round Folding Flash Sunglasses // Ray-ban
Off-White High Tops // Converse Bought at Undefeated
Burgundy Vegan Leather Bag // Matt & Nat
Silver Coin Necklace // Chelsea Den Jewelry
Eagle Necklace & Watch // Vintage
Bracelet // Raw Ruby Gemstone Bracelet

I'm not sure I can remember exhaling at all; moving into the feeling that your breath on my skin could suffice for us both. 

Happy Monday Everyone! And how was your weekend? Mine was so relaxing and productive all at the same time. Saturday I went to the beach with my dog and boyfriend. That little Husky of mine loves swimming in the ocean and I LOVE that I have a dog that loves that ocean as much as I do. A little farther down the coast from Santa Barbara is a Nature Preserve for Seals, which is so cool to go see (Carpinteria Bluffs National Park) if you're ever around santa barbara take a nice walk and check it out. Anyways, sometimes a stray seal or two will just ride the tide and it will take them North where they climb onto our favorite beach. On Saturday a mama seal and her pup were on the beach and we got to watch them just roll around on the sand ( I added a photo below), until they eventually got back in the water and headed home South. I then spent the rest of my day making jewelry and eating yummy food. My sunday looked pretty much the same minus the beach, so I'm feeling extra blessed and super grateful for where I'm at in life, but always ready and working towards new adventures, experiences, and opportunities to keep moving forward! So that's my mini feel good rant.  
And while we're on the subject of working and new opportunities I have recently teamed up with a pretty cool brand called WellBinder. They're a new denim line straight from Los Angeles, my favorite city, plus I've been on the lookout for a casual acid wash jean, so it looks like we're simply a match made in heaven. These jeans are so versatile (they look great with a classic nude pump) but for this particular look I wanted to do something fun and funky for warmer days, yet still very wearable on the street. I started by pairing the denim with a turtle neck crop top to really push the early 90's feel, and then went with a denim button up to take it all the way. Topping it all of with some hightop converse to truly add some fun funk, a red lip and matching leather cross body bag to add a little maturity, and some layered up chunky necklaces because why not?? A little sparkle never hurt anybody.
Happy Monday everybody, have a wonderful week, make sure to do something good for your soul.

Get this look for $63+ on Lookastic: Gold Sunglasses, White Cropped Top, Silver Necklace, Light Blue Denim Shirt, Light Blue Acid Jeans, Burgundy Leather Crossbody Bag, and White High Top Sneakers

Photography by Ash Robinson
Post Processing by Chelsea Dennis

What I'm Wearing
Crop Top // American Apparel
Denim // WellBinder LA
Round Folding Flash Sunglasses // Ray-ban
Off-White High Tops // Converse Bought at Undefeated
Burgundy Vegan Leather Bag // Matt & Nat
Silver Coin Necklace // Chelsea Den Jewelry
Eagle Necklace & Watch // Vintage


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