Long Black Dress

What I'm Wearing // Coat-Nordstrom // Black slip-Vintage from the 1930's // Silver and Black leather Belt-Vintage // Necklace-Vintage // Long necklace-Chelsea Den Jewelry // Purse-Mat + Nat (Urban Outfitters)
It's been some time since I've posted a look. My holidays were so busy, and then I've been working on my jewelry like a manic, so my fashion blog's just been set back. But no worries! I'm working on new outfit posts, and am getting ready for a full year of sharing my fashion style regularly. The last year ended with my Vintage shop closing, which was a rather sad thing for me, but I still have pieces of it here and there to keep me close... Like this divine vintage slip from the 1930's that I choose to wear as a classic black dress. It's so old literally every hem is coming undone, giving me a nice sewing project every time I wear it ha! sometimes vintage is worth it, and this dress definitely is. I added an amazing belt that I got from my store. I've been wanting a silver chunky conch belt for some time now, and while this is a little different, I love the western style, and it's so much better than any conch belt I would have bought in a store new. The black necklace is also vintage from my store...The more I write the more I'm realizing this outfit post might be withdraw from working in my vintage shop, because that's all I'm wearing! Even though I'm sad to not have a funky little shop to hang out at, all things must change, and I'm taking this little bit of free time to get my other businesses up to speed, and get my jewelry company off the ground! 
I've got a million ideas for what I want to do with my jewelry, but one thing I'm most excited about is the donation portion of my jewelry business. Since I was young I've always been taught that people come first, and the older I get the more I realize that I have a passion for helping others; mainly those who can't stick up for themselves so well  (mostly children and animals)  so it's always been a dream of mine to somehow implement my various artistic outlets (fashion, design, and photography) with my passion for giving back. I researched a ton of organizations (which was a lot more overwhelming than I ever imagined) and sorted through the ones that aren't so good to find an amazing group that I'm so thrilled to support. Action Against Hunger is a wonderful organization that's doing a TON of powerful, planet changing things for our fellow humans likes getting food to malnourished children around the world, building sustainable water resources for communities that lack access to any at all, and many, many other things. A portion of every Chelsea Den Jewelry purchase will be donated to Action Against Hunger, and I made up a blog (http://chelseadenjewelrydonations.tumblr.com/) where you, as a customer, can see how your jewelry purchase went towards helping others. I honestly couldn't be more excited to be doing this, and am thrilled at the idea of including others in helping! If you want to read more about the organization and all that they do you can click
If you'd like to give the jewelry shop a peek you can click 
Get this look for $310+ on Lookastic: Black Silk Evening Dress, Burgundy Leather Crossbody Bag, White and Black Shearling Coat, Black Necklace, Black Sunglasses, Black Studded Leather Belt, and Silver Ring

What I'm Wearing // Coat-Nordstrom // Black slip-Vintage from the 1930's // Silver and Black leather Belt-Vintage // Necklace-Vintage // Long necklace-Chelsea Den Jewelry // Purse-Mat + Nat (Urban Outfitters)


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