Golden Christmas

What I'm Wearing
Dress // Tobi
Socks // Hanger 221
Flats // Makemechic

I wanted to do a Christmas post last year, but didn't feel happy with the photos I got so this year it simply had to happen! I spent the holidays with my boyfriend and my little Husky of a wolf Mika at my family's house in California. My family has always celebrated our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve so that our Christmas day could be spent opening gifts, lounging around, and relaxing...It's always the absolute...
This year was my first Christmas without my dad; something I've been dreading, to be honest,  for the last few months. It's hard to not hear from him, to not get to spend this holiday with him, but I know he's watching down, seeing all the beautifully golden things happening around me and my loved ones, and he's happy for all the love surrounding my and my family.
 All day long I just felt so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such wonderfully warm, loving, people that I  feel so lucky to get to call my family. My little sister JiJi was my awesome photographer for this post, and I couldn't be happier to include the loves of my life; my little wolf Mika, and my boyfriend Nick (he is also responsible for the absolutely beautifully charming pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings I found sitting under the tree for me today). It was quite a challenging/growth prompting year for me between working on my blog and jewelry full time, big family moves, and my dad passing away. Through it all I feel so blessed to have such supportive people backing me up in all that I do; my two sisters, brother, mom (the amazing woman who decorated such a beautiful home and puts on such beautiful Christmas' every year), just all the family I have.  I'm taking all the gratitude I'm feeling and sending it out to all of you, hoping you have the warmest holidays full of love, surrounded by the people that matter most to you (and don't forget to tell them just how much they matter either!) Feel all the joy and love you can and share it with everyone you can. Sending my love, love, love,