What I'm Wearing
Scarf // unknown (Birthday present)
Sweater // Crossroads Trading Co.
Denim // H&M
Shoes // Makemechic
Rings // H&M
Hello everyone and happy December! My monday started off on a lovely note; I woke up early to post this since I was called in to work at my vintage shop today, but just got the lovely news that I don't have to come in until the afternoon! Therefore my morning is going to be spent lounging around drinking hot hot hot coffee (mmm just the way I like it!) and making jewelry. And to top off everything, and I mean top it off, it's a rainy day in Santa Barbara, something we haven't seen in a long, long time. And it's finally December. I really love this whole time. Throughout the course of this month I'm planning on drinking lots of warm, tasty sweet drinks, listening to the most classic of holiday music, and keeping a constant flow of blankets, oversized sweaters, and wool socks if not on me, very, very nearby. And last, but not least, there will be at least one gingerbread house decorating night, where I'm sure I'll just end up covering some poor gingerbread man's home in a rainbow downpour of frosting(it happens every year). So happy holidays, happy Monday and a happy start to December!
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What I'm Wearing
Scarf // unknown
Sweater // Crossroads Trading Co.
Denim // H&M
Shoes // Makemechic
Rings // H&M