To the Stars

What I'm Wearing
Crop Top // American Apparel
Knit // Forever 21
Shorts // Forever 21
Necklace // Vintage
Boots // Makemechic
Purse // Urban Outfitters

Who knows anymore
How to get to the stars
My map leads to too many places
Too many faces seem familiar first glance
And each chance seems more real than before
So who knows anymore
How to get to the stars
Because my map leads to too many places

I'm doing a quick post today since I'm heading straight for the beach to get some good ocean air in my lungs before I need to get back to work. I love this look because it's so versatile for different events, and not only that it's really comfortable and easy to get around in. I started with one of my favorite crop tops from American Apparel and paired them with these shorts that I love so much- they have the prettiest lace pattern on them, but the black lines makes it easy to pair them with darker things, which tends to be a must in my outfits. I then went with a color blocking knit cardigan that keeps me warm always, lastly adding some sparkle with these cutout boots, a necklace, and a gold chained purse to tie all the elements together.