Nature Walks

What I'm Wearing
Shirt // Tobi
Denim Button Up // Urban Outfitters
Denim // bought at Crossroads
Boots // bought at Dear Diary in Santa Barbara
Jewelry // Coming soon to Chelsea Den Jewelry
I've been working really hard on focusing completely on my jewelry for the past couple weeks since I'm heading out this weekend to a big event to sell my jewelry line, but things are winding down and I've been wanting to post this for a few days now... So here it is! My quickie outfit post for today, but after this weekend I'm going to be fully back to fashion blogging. I've got a couple things coming up this month that I'm pretty excited about. First and foremost is this festival I'm taking my jewelry to. This is my first event that I'm attending as a jewelry designer selling my own things so I'm really excited/nervous...mostly trying to get myself as prepared as possible, and hoping for the absolute best! After I get back next week I'm restocking my jewelry store with everything I've been working on for the past couple months (yes..months) Shortly after that when the 22nd rolls around I'll be celebrating my golden 22nd birthday. And then a move to another city in this lovely state of California is in the lineup (more details on that in weeks to come). 
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