Feel the World Beneath Us Start to Slow

What I'm wearing
Necklace // Rowsden Jewelry
Heels // Forever 21 (heels)
Feeling the wind and a pull on her heart she flew through fields of wildflowers. Knowing all too well the expectations waiting outside this vast space, and how easily she could escape from it all. Time falls short in her mind, each time faces begin to turn. Life was a game that she felt had more innocence in the rules than the people around liked to let on. Somehow between the grime and dirt of everyday happenings she found solace within her own naive reality of sweet songs and love notes. Hidden underneath skies of tall grass in her little secret garden she thrived, building up a world in her head too lovely to exist in real life.
This Sunday just feels so calm and steady-which is the nicest contrast from my as-of-late-hectic reality. This song has been running through my head on repeat all morning so I thought I would share it. I'm feeling excited about this week because I am now in the countdown to my one year anniversary for my blog. It was one year ago that I found out my life was taking a very unexpected turn. My years and years of knowing I wanted to be a fine art photographer all changed around this time last year when I realized just exactly what I wanted to do-this fashion blog, my jewelry, fully commit to my art, just a big huge life full of creating and beauty. I was a little lost up until that point, working really hard at something I wasn't that passionate about. Now one year later I've created a business plan for myself, and not only that, I wake up everyday so absolutely in love with what I get to do. I feel like I've only barely gotten started and still have a lot to learn and long ways to go, and that thought makes me so happy! I feel so lucky to have found my passions, even though being an artist can be a rather stressful life, I wouldn't give it up for the world.
 Now really fast about the outfit- I got this dress from the American Apparel Warehouse down in LA, if you're ever in Downtown Los Angeles I highly recommend stopping here. I have wanted this dress for a year and when I finally went down to get one they only had teeny sizes-oh well! I do not normally condone buying clothes that are too small, but I had to make an exception-it was the last one..I Paired it with a simple brown belt to give it a little something more and then some brown heels that have the same criss cross laces similar to the back of the dress.

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