Summer Wishlist

1. Rose Tattoo Crop Top // Nasty Gal
2. Dylana Bracelet // Nasty Gal 
3. Cutout Satchel Bag in Ivory // Chicwish
4. Vibrant M.I.U Acid Wash Out Vest // Tobi
5. Golden Grace Chunky Chain Necklace // Chicwish
6. Rose Print Shorts in Black // ChicWish
8. Singer Chunky Platforms // Topshop
9. Rounds and Rhinestones Sunglasses // Nasty Gal
10. Sunnyville Romper // Tobi
11. Leather Bucket Bag // Zara
12. Delilah Knee High Socks // Nasty Gal
13. Soft As Petals Scarf // Tobi 
14. Year 2050 Sunglasses // Tobi
15. Combined Messenger Bag // Zara
16. Leah Flores for DENY Wanderlust Rug // Urban Outfitters
17. Tilly Sunburst Bikini // Triangl
18. Coming Up Roses Kimono // Nasty Gal 
19. Draw the Curtains Shorts // Tobi
20. Lunar Love Necklace // Nasty Gal
21. New Rome Glossy Nude Ankle Strap Shoes // Chicwish 
22. BamBam Venom Bombshell Shorts // Tobi
23. Friends Taylor Gold Headphones // Nasty Gal
24. Twist and Halt Crop Top // Tobi
25. Big Felt Floppy Hat // Topshop
26. Chunky Cut Out Medallion Buckle Boots // Chicwish
27. Fringe Suede Jacket by Kate Moss for Topshop // Topshop
28. Winston White Honey Romper // Nasty Gal
29. So Screwed Bracelet // Nasty Gal 
30. Hearts Bloom Shades // Nasty Gal
31. Flat Leather Sandal With Buckle // Zara
32. Sailor Moon Beanie // SicTransitGloriaa on Etsy

It has been oh so very hot these past couple days in Santa Barbara. Even the wind blows warm air which is pretty unusual for our generally wonderful weather. I've got the heat getting to my head and making me want to spend my time either in the comfort of air conditioning or the refreshing coldness of the Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless I thought now would be the perfect time to make my Summer wardrobe wish list, which has an outfit for every occasion my summer could bring on; shopping, beach days, night time bon fires, music shows, dining out, drinks; anything and everything that could and should be done during these upcoming hot days! Not to mention I had to show the world some amazing finds; a Sailor Moon beanie from Etsy, a fringe leather jacket designed by Kate Moss for Topshop, and a large amount of Nasty Gal. I provided direct links to each and every piece below so shoppers like you could purchase these lovely things easily for yourselves. I hope you enjoy :)