Plaid and Boots

What I'm wearing
Leather Jacket // Silence + Noise (bought at Urban Outfitters)
Sheer Black Top // Tobi
Belt // J. Crew
Boots // Forever 21
Necklace // Rowsden Jewelry
I'll walk down this sidewalk like stepping stones..Laughing as I skip forward; keeping pace with the race between my heart and my head. I've seen their ugly, and witnessed the beginning of my very own beautiful. So with criss-crossed marks upon my heart and needles in my feet, I tip toe then run.
Feeling the full range of my aptitude begin to simmer within me. Building up to the day when it all topples over. Oh what a lovely mess it's going to be. 
My absolute favorite color to wear is black. In the summer, winter, spring, fall, I don't care, I love it! But when it comes to my fashion blog I try to switch it up a little bit-as of late though I've thrown that sad attempt out the window because I simply love wearing black too much. This head to toe look takes my heart simply from the layering of the plaid and the leather jacket which is something I don't normally try out. I went with a sheer top so that if I take off the leather jacket my whole outfit isn't solid heavy black fabric, but instead a light flowy dark top. I then went with my solid pair of black Kill City denim, and favorite pair of black boots. Finishing off the look with a leather jacket bought by my dad years ago, and a feather necklace made by yours truly. Leaving me with a look that is great for shopping, going out to eat, meetings, walking round cities, hanging out after hours...basically everything except the beach :)
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