No Fun

What I'm Wearing
No Fun Beanie
Silence + Noise // Urban Outfitters
Cropped Sweater
Silence + Noise // Urban Outfitters
Forever 21
Gold Chain // Thrifted
Black Tourmaline Necklace and bracelets // Rows + Den

We drove up the coast. A smoky sunny sunday. You, me, and the pup, of course. And found where the train tracks meet. A sparkle in your eye and a glint in my heart when you smile. Just like a kid, wide eyed and ready to explore the world. My peace existing within our youth, forever staying young and selfish together, curiously watching, listening, keeping at pace with life. Running with trains while the rest of the world simply watches them pass.
Going up north from Santa Barbara, we made a quick stop to shoot a look in this empty parking lot in Lompoc. I love these leggings and they were a great price (see link above) I paired them with a cropped sweater that I just recently got at Urban Outfitters. I wanted to go for a girly/street mix of a look, so I added my black leather boots and leather jacket to give it more of a grunge feel. Lastly finishing off the look with one of my favorite beanies and some sparkly jewels.

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