There's No Place Like Home

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Waffle Knit Beanie


Black Denim
Kill City, bought from Wasteland 

Gray Oversized Cardigan

Black and White Knit Jacket 

Red Vans

Black Clutch

Gold Chain Necklace
Burgundy Tassel Necklace

After an unexpectedly long vacation in Denver, I am back and ready for some solid work time. During my trip home I had my wisdom teeth removed, shot the heftiest amount of fine art photography to add to my collection, prepared a multitude of  fashion looks to share with the world, spent some solid time with my loved ones, and realized a few new goals to aim towards. All in all, a very happy trip! Now that I've gotten back to Santa Barbara and (finally) unpacked I'm recharged and ready to go. I'm coming into this new year with a grateful heart and a level head, expecting another wild ride of ups and downs, similar to the previous year, but this time I'm making the most of the craziness. Without realizing, for my first post of the year, I'm wearing my little red shoes, in the neighborhood where I came from, clicking my heels reminding myself that there's no place like home.    

Being that I was in Denver, Colorado (in the Winter) you can only imagine the probable temperature, which went something between a couple degrees below I-need-8-sweaters-before-I-go-outside and where did this heat come from? I feel that this look exemplifies all of that. I started off with a loose knit sweater, and then began the layering. First a knee length cardigan that is so comfy and old I can't remember when I got it. On top of that is a wonderfully thick black and white knit from forever 21. I loved that the gray cardigan is longer the forever 21 knit so it just barely peeks out at the bottom. I chose to keep going with the monotoned look and put on a pair of black denim jeans. To add just a pop of color I put on my red vans. I added the beanie to really push that layered look, and for some great warmth. At this point the whole look is going for the hobo-ish layered look, so I needed to add just enough feminine to make it more my style. I paired the whole thing with a bunch of jewelry, a black clutch, and a bright red lip.
Photos by JiJi Dennis