If The City Never Sleeps Then That Makes Two

Turtleneck Crop Top
Melrose Trading Post in LA
Lace Socks
Black Boots

Don't forget to breathe
When the night comes on sooner than expected
Don't forget to breathe
When footsteps turn and leave out the door
Don't forget to breathe
And when the stars can't shine because your own eyes won't let them
Don't forget to breathe
As the sun stays out in the sky a little longer each day, I can feel the heaviness of winter slowly, but surely peeling away, which brings on an excited feeling in my heart. I just can't help it, I love sunshine, and I especially love being able to feel it on my skin outside. Nothing beats golden sunshine on your back with a soft breeze blowing through your hair. I was born for happy California weather..Sadly it's only January, and I'm craving summer. I need to remind myself to breathe- and that good things come in due time. So for now I have the first full moon of the new year to look forward tonight :) Every month each full moon is a time for me to asses what I've already done, what needs to get done, and what I really, truly want. For this full moon I'm sending out wishes for a year of opportunity, hard work, and joy, along with an appreciation for the lovely things that come my way. The Full moon is a great time for emotional healing and for recharging your crystals. So if you've got em', go put em' in some moonlight!  
I wanted to share a look that represents how I'm feeling-a little all over the place, but in the best of ways. These leggings are by far my favorite pair and not just because leggings are the comfiest things ever. I love the wild print and surprisingly enough, they're super easy to pair with things. I added a simple white cropped turtleneck-so that my top wasn't competing with the bottom. I added the most divine bomber by Burberry that I was so lucky to get to borrow. And a very large and in charge pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots-which I felt were the only shoes that could really do this outfit justice. To finish off the look and give it a little more of my feminine style, I put on my lace socks peeking out above the boots, and piles of gold chains to add some sparkle. 


  1. i absolutely love shopping for home! and something like that number 1 has definitely been on my wishlist for some time now lol. hope you're having a great weekend andrea!

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