Spotted Not Striped

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Chiffon Top




"We are all wired to find love. And when we meet someone who radiates it, we naturally crave their company"
-Kari Kampakis-

Live with the intention of love. Meaning that you see, hear, speak, feel, act, judge. On love. This is something that I've been working on for quite some time. It's sometimes a balancing act between choosing your happiness over others (which is sometimes necessary) or knowing when to let that ego go along with whatever prideful thing you might be holding onto. I'm finding that both routes, when chosen correctly, end up bringing happy things at then end no matter how hard the previous endeavor might be. The trick is a little courage along with love. Finding the balance is key to success. After waking up to do some laundry and getting slightly deterred by unfortunate events, I'm finding that I need to remind myself that loving thoughts and laughing off situations are the best ways to make a bad day, have the possibility of a new.
And with that, I chose a sassy pair of pants to wear today. I bought these secondhand at Crossroads, here in Santa Barbara. They were a great deal, and are so comfy. I paired them with a chiffon black tank, to tie in the black spots. I then tucked in just the front of my tank and put on a black blazer to give this look a more formal look. To keep that formal look going I added a pair of black bootie heels. I topped off the whole look with my regular amount of gold; a gold chained clutch, gold watch, and gold necklace. Toppling my hair on top of my head for a messy bun.  

Photography by Ashley Jean
Post Processing/Photoshop by Chelsea Den