Warm Novembers


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Crystal Quartz Bullet Encased Necklace & Navy Blue Tassel Necklace

Over the Knee Boot

Hello and sorry for the short leave of absence. My oh-so-very-close-to-the-beach living situation was beautiful, but temporary-ending at the end of October. Therefore, I had to move. I'm happy to say this move was much easier and much, much less stressful than the previous one. Still located in the always lovely Santa Barbara, my new place is everything I could want for the creation extravaganza that is my life. All it's missing is a solid running trail for me and my trusty sidekick of a dog, Mika, but I've been scouring the area for a few days now and have a few routes in mind :) November has arrived along with a colder temperature (this is when we finally feel it in Santa Barbara), shorter days, and hot cups of apple cider. I am welcoming the season with dubious amounts of layers and a constant flow of space heaters. I love the cold, and am so grateful that I can be warm in it always. And on that note- I move onto the clothes!
I would say this is my first real winter outfit. The sleeves are 3/4 but still...it's close. I just bought these jeans second hand-they fit amazing and the burgundy color is so pretty for winter. I paired them with an oversized sweater bought at urban outfitters. I wanted this outfit's color palette to have more of a warm late autumn feel- so I grabbed my over the knee boots and a skinny belt to match. The boots and belt are a lighter leather that compliment the burgundy and warm up the colder tones in the sweater. To give the outfit a more unique feel I threw on a hat that I bought a few years back for a photo shoot. I love the feathers that wrap around it to give it a winter feel. Lastly, finishing off the look with some layered necklaces to give it that little bit of sparkle.  


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