A Little This, A Little That

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Acid Washed Denim Jacket

Royal Blue Chiffon Blouse, Reneec.



Crystal Bullet Necklace

Our nights dripped sweetly
The days seemed so bright
But when the sun dropped
We were smooth deep velvet
Midnight hues all blended together
Our own makeshift starry night
In a city known for dirt
We found undisclosed beauty
Owning each lonely sidewalk
Each empty street
Just for those two nights
Our deep painted nights

Find a way to make beauty necessary; find a way to make necessity beautiful.
-Fugitive Pieces-

Moving into the full moon tomorrow night, there is some kind of feeling going around. I wanted to share some lovely words in my post today, since I'm feeling like the world needs a little extra beauty right now, or at least, I need to be seeing more of it. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect outfit on a day like this. These leggings were a wonderfully fun gift, that also opened my eyes to an awesome online shop called Front Row Society (click on link under leggings) This brand makes amazing leggings, scarves, and tanks, but the cool thing about them is, they hold competitions for artists of all mediums, and the winners get their art printed on leggings-I just think that's such an amazing opportunity for artist's to get their beautiful work out there during a time when that is not an easy task. So if you're into painting, drawing, graphics, photography, really anything..go check it out :) I shall be submitting in the near future! 
These leggings are definitely wild, so they called for an all around creative look. I paired them with a  royal blue chiffon blouse. This top is long like a tunic, which is great for leggings. The royal blue is deep enough to counter the vibrant leggings, but since it's chiffon and a little sheer, the color isn't too overwhelming. I then put on a pair of stance socks-mmm I love, love, love those Stance socks :) I'm getting in on that sock game nowadays. I love the printed pattern on them and the blue that peeks out over the top helps to tie in the blue blouse. I paired the socks and leggings with a pair of sturdy combat boots, a bullet encased crystal quartz necklace for some sparkle. Finishing off the look with an acid washed denim jacket. I decided to put my hair up since this outfit already has so much going on. 

Create some beauty in the world today.

Photography by Ashley Jean
Photoshop/ Post Processing by Chelsea Den