October Ocean

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Denim Jacket

Skirt (soon for sale on store)

Bullet Encased Leather Tassel (coming soon to the online store)

Thigh High Socks

As it gets later and later into October I can feel the air start to turn in Santa Barbara. Today, of all days, I was feeling rather romantic and wanted to do a look that was very feminine, yet autumn-esque at the same time. I turned to one of my favorite pairs of thigh high socks, and a lovely high low skirt. The light weight fabric of the skirt has a very feminine feel to it, I paired it with a simple, black, tight tank top. The black tank top also helps to balance out the tall socks (sort of making me into a floral sandwich) I added a really fun tassel necklace to go with the youngness of the socks. These socks work well with the skirt mostly because of the skirts high low factor-making it more young and trendy-to match the tall socks. I added a fun short denim jacket for the brisk windchill, and a solid pair of black heels to give my shorter legs some nice length.