Wednesday Adams and Wolf

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If you can't tell by the title of my post, this is all for Halloween. My absolute most favorite holiday out of the whole year. Not the actual day, but everything leading up to it. I love Autumn, the changing colors, the colder air, just the whole feel that it carries with it. Since I was a little girl I have loved Wednesday Adams; Her long dark braids, and cold sarcasm called out to my darker side. When I saw that was having a Halloween costume contest with Black Milk clothing I had to jump on it. So this was my submission. Shot at the beautiful Mission Church here in Santa Barbara. I brought along my wonder-dog extraordinaire to add some wolf-like charm to my photos. She was a wonderfully accommodating model (for some treats, of course) and I am so thrilled to get to be the my childhood idol, the morbid Wednseday Adams for a bit. 
To pull this look off I paired a button up chiffon blouse with a diamond printed black romper. This gave me that school girl vibe that Wednesday's Collar and dress have. I then added a belt to give my waist some definition, since this is, of course, the older version of Wednesday.  I grabbed my trusty pair of thigh highs and was thrilled to find that these sky high heels added just the right amount of charm with the ankle strap. I finished off the whole look with a solid pair of Wednesday A. Braids and just a touch of a pink lip. The whole thing came together better than I could have thought, and I was so excited to get to bring my trusty sidekick Mika, along with me.

Happy Halloween 

Photography by Ashley Jean
Photoshop/ post Processing by Chelsea Den