Dark Velvet Pants

Bullet Encased Leather Tassel
Rows & Den .com

Velvet Trouser: Thrifted

Black Suede Belt with Gold Buckle

Silk Leopard Print Jacket: Thrifted

I started off my day today feeling a little too cluttered. Too many things can build up and pile on top of one another if we aren't careful to stay organized. And this goes for your 
physical body (the food you're putting in)
 home (miscellaneous items i.e. clothes, tabletops, how much of it do you really need?)
 mental health (are you keeping your mind clear of distractions so that you can focus on yourself, watching too much tv, computers, allowing others to influence your thoughts)
As we transition into winter, I find myself seeing way too much, that no longer serves me in a positive way. At this specific time in my life I am figuring out what I want, my goals, dreams, and lifestyle. There is a theme of change happening everywhere I look. I strongly believe that change cannot take place, sink in, take root... if there is no room for it to be welcomed. And change should be something that we openly welcome. Now I for one, am very used to and comfortable with the old. And that is something I never want to be able to proudly say. Therefore, today I am cleaning house. I started off my morning with a wonderfully long two hour yoga session, took my wonderfully amazing dog to the ocean, and am going to purge my life of the old, to allow bountiful space for the new. The first place being my closet...See you soon Goodwill. Wish me luck. 
I've been wanting to wear these velvet pants for such a long time now. They were a happy find while thrifting, but having an occasion to wear them is another story. They're the comfiest dress pants I own by far, and I love the slight harem look that they have (after some of my own personal alterations were applied).  I paired these pants with a classic cream button up chiffon blouse. The sleeves on this top are big and billowy, which gives the top such a feminine quality that I adore. The sleeves also match the looseness of the velvet pant. I rolled the bottoms of the pant to show some ankle and give definition to the legs then added a very large velvet pump to elongate my legs even more than the pant already (thankfully) does. Pairing the pants and top with a skinny suede belt to add definition to my waist. Finishing off the look with an amazing 90's style 100% silk zip up jacket. The jacket really helps to give this outfit a younger more fun feel.   

Photography by Ashley Jean
Post Processing/Photoshop by Chelsea Den


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