Autumn Flower Stand

Sweater: H&M 
Crystal Necklace: Rowsden
Heels: Forever 21
And October begins…My favorite month of the year. I  love everything about it; the leaves falling off the trees (if you don’t live in Santa Barbara), Halloween, and the clothes. I woke up this morning and for the first time it has been cloudy. In Santa Barbara we get cloudy weather a good amount…June Gloom..but it’s usually just from the ocean and not actually cloudy weather…Meaning it clears up by 1 or 2. Today, for the first time it felt like an Autumn cloudy day..that kind that makes you want to curl up at home and bake a pie :) I had to break out a sweater, and couldn’t help but smile through this whole photoshoot as Fall finally starts to sit in.
I bought these shorts a couple months back and was pretty happy today to find that they will be great for Fall. The colors work just right to transfer over from Summer to Fall, with the right help from some layers. Since it is still fairly warm here I wanted to do a Fall look, that is realistic for the temperature. This cropped sweater is from H&M and pulls the blue from the printed shorts really well. I put on a thick brown leather belt to define my waist a little, since the sweater and shorts are baggy.  Matching a nice summery brown heel to tie in the belt and add some length to my leg, since the sweater shrinks me a little.  And then finally finishing off the look with a simple bullet encased crystal necklace, to add a little sparkle.

Photography: Ashley Jean
Post Processing/Photoshop: Chelsea Den