Jet Black Tub With the Gold Trim

Top: Tobi
Leggings: Bought in LA
Necklace: Rows + Den
I have been trying to hold off wearing these leggings for a post, because I wanted to save them for an occasion of some sort. But today I woke up and the air felt different-maybe crisper..sweeter…Today is the first day I felt a hint of fall :) I adore Autumn with every fiber of my being. The way the sunlight just looks different during the day. And the air feels a bit softer even though it’s getting colder. Mmm the Fall takes my heart. So the leggings had to be broken out as my first introduction to Autumn look. It’s a bittersweet thing living here in Santa Barbara around this time. On the one hand I have a deep love for shorts, and Santa Barbara makes it possible to wear them into the later months while still getting a little chillier. On the other hand, the lovely weather here allows the trees to hold onto their leaves year round…which makes for a slightly nonexistent Fall. Either way, I can’t wait for the next months to come in this wonderful season. I shall be wearing leggings and tights like it’s nobody’s business. I’m not going to lie the printed legging is such a wonderfully comfortable trend that I used to judge. Because (and I will still stand by this) I’m not sure leggings really suffice for pants. Not for regular day wear at least, but I love how they look and plan on wearing long tunics and such with them quite often. I paired these ones with my “gypsy” top. I bought this top a while ago and loved the off the shoulder sleeves, little did I know it would be rather difficult to pair with everything until I found these leggings. I paired the top and leggings with some black ankle boots to add balance out the heaviness of the black top. and lastly put on a chunky necklace to break up some of the skin that’s showing and threw on a hat for style. This is a great outfit for going out at night.
Oh and I almost forgot to talk about this awesome Coca-Cola truck that pulled up next to me as I was shooting. I was just about to walk away when he pulled up :) I got some great photography that I will be working on later and posting on my photography site. I also snapped some quick photos before he left. ‘Merica