Bonne Nuit

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Hat: H&M
Belt: American Apparel
Necklace: Charlie Rows
Dress: Tobi
So today my post revolves around a lookbook contest. Next week is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and is sending 2 lookbookers to New York City for it. This was my entry into the contest along with this written response as to why it would be my dream for them to choose me.. I moved to Santa Barbara two years ago. Originally, from Colorado, I came out here to pursue my dream of being a fashion photographer, which started by attending Brooks Institute of Photography here in SB. As time went on I found myself falling more and more in love with Fine Art Photography-all the film and alternative processes-I go nuts for a great dark room :) 
Slowly I became so in love with fine art that I decided, hands down, starving artist or not, it’s what I love so I was going to do it. I’m coming to find that being able to make my art and do what I want is almost worth the starving artist life. And I won’t lie.. being in Santa Barbara helps a little too.. 
Now to tie this all in with fashion. Like I said, I originally moved to California with the intent of being a fashion photographer. For years I’ve studied fashion photography and how it has progressed, changed, and evolved, which sparked my instant love for fashion, and the powerful art that it is. Through Lookbook I’ve been able to incorporate my love for photography and fashion, along with discovering a new love for blogging. This is an amazing opportunity for me as an artist and simply such a lifelong dream to be able to see the art I’ve loved for so long in such an incredible city. 
I’ve got rolls of film ready to go :) Just say the word! 

Take a look and hype it for me if you like it :)

I must give all photo credit for today to my lovely photographer friend Ashley Robinson. She does amazing artistically crazy stuff, that is out of this world in the most wonderful of ways.  Check her out!