Friday, October 24, 2014

Vintage Linings

What I'm Wearing
Leather Jacket // Tobi
Crochet Crop Top // Free People
Earrings // Vintage
 Monday fell in with a thud and a bang as I felt the last little bits of the days that were and then passed, fade out with the sun coming up.  My eyes chased around these four walls, still looking exactly the same, but somehow the tone of it all spoke something changed; it's a deceiving fullness that I'm finding to feel more empty than anything else. I got wrapped up so tight in the feeling of your home that I lost the direction to my own.  So here I go, hand on my heart, no clear direction in my mind, headed straight for home. 
This outfit was very much needed. I've been really missing my more feminine style, that tends to fall away a little when the colder months comes around (I just want to layer and be cozy!) but Santa Barbara is making sure I pace myself with the seasons because it is still just so hot! I'm really loving the 60's and 70's trend that's going around so I wanted to play with that style myself with this Free People Knit crop top that is just so fabulous, but can be hard to style with other things. I found though that it made for a perfect layered up, feminine look with this American Apparel Skirt, and touches of gold in the jewelry. To add my little bit of edge I added a cream leather jacket over it all and topped it off with some amazingly vintage style sunglasses that I am over the moon about by Wholesale Celeb Shades, and some classic pointed toe nude heels, just because :)

Get this look for $67+ on Lookastic: Beige Leather Jacket, Pink Crochet Cropped Top, Gold Necklace, Brown Sunglasses, Pink Chiffon Skater Skirt, Beige Snake Leather Pumps, and Gold Watch

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Drive Darling

What I'm Wearing
Bowlers Cap // H&M
Sunglasses // Celeb Wholesale Shades
Gold Sequin Tank Top // Free People
Denim // Kill City (Wasteland LA Denim)
Chain Necklace // Vintage
I've found some sense of being in this place. Once again recognizing the feeling of my own hands building up a life I've forgotten to keep dreaming of. Dreams that got lost somewhere between the realities of existing, and the actuality that I'm a part of it; a part of the realness of living. That thought has left my mind a bit more naked, more raw, less sheltered; I've learned to hold onto that nakedness and embrace the absolute vulnerability that comes with it. Within vulnerability lies the potential for beautiful and triumphant breakthroughs. I'm beginning to see that when I get tossed into that place of fear, when things don't feel right, there's an opportunity for acceptance, acceptance for myself, and for my situation and where I'm at. I can know that what I'm feeling and what I'm doing is absolutely and perfectly correct. And when I can accept all that is without trying to control or change it, I can let go, which only makes a big pathway for the good to come. It's a process that I'm learning to appreciate slowly, because it is pretty magnificent in the whole scheme of things.

Here's a casual Wednesday look. This outfit is something I feel totally and absolutely comfortable in. I could wear it anywhere and feel ready for anything. This leather jacket was given to me by Dad a couple Christmas' ago, and with his passing this previous year, it's become something I really treasure. I feel so grateful to have something so amazing like this leather jacket to remember him, along with other things, but this is definitely one of my favorites. I love a good head to toe black outfit, especially when I can wear my bowlers cap. The Free People top really helped to give the look a softer touch with the little bit of sparkle. Not to mention these amazing cat eye glasses that give it some femininity.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Old Pine

What I'm Wearing
Hat // Forever 21
Crop Top // Pacsun
Shorts // Bought on Melrose in LA
Bag // Billabong
Sunglasses // AMI Clubwear
Gray Sparrow Socks // Sammy Icon
Boots // Dear Diary
Necklaces // vintage chain, Chelsea Den Jewelry

Autumn is my absolute favorite season, and being from Colorado originally, I'm used to some pretty beautiful ones. Having lived in California for coming up on four years now, I have to say I really miss seeing the leaves change, feeling the wind shift to a colder season, and how the air just smells different. Santa Barbara has literally gotten hotter since summer ended and I'm trying not to complain, but I want to start bundling up so badly! As much as I want to layer up and break out my coats, the weather just does not agree, therefore I'm faking Autumn-layered-up outfits with oversized cardigans, short shorts, hats, socks and crop tops!