Thursday, May 29, 2014

Plaid and Boots

What I'm wearing
Leather Jacket // Silence + Noise (bought at Urban Outfitters)
Sheer Black Top // Tobi
Belt // J. Crew
Boots // Forever 21
Necklace // Rowsden Jewelry
I'll walk down this sidewalk like stepping stones..Laughing as I skip forward; keeping pace with the race between my heart and my head. I've seen their ugly, and witnessed the beginning of my very own beautiful. So with criss-crossed marks upon my heart and needles in my feet, I tip toe then run.
Feeling the full range of my aptitude begin to simmer within me. Building up to the day when it all topples over. Oh what a lovely mess it's going to be. 
My absolute favorite color to wear is black. In the summer, winter, spring, fall, I don't care, I love it! But when it comes to my fashion blog I try to switch it up a little bit-as of late though I've thrown that sad attempt out the window because I simply love wearing black too much. This head to toe look takes my heart simply from the layering of the plaid and the leather jacket which is something I don't normally try out. I went with a sheer top so that if I take off the leather jacket my whole outfit isn't solid heavy black fabric, but instead a light flowy dark top. I then went with my solid pair of black Kill City denim, and favorite pair of black boots. Finishing off the look with a leather jacket bought by my dad years ago, and a feather necklace made by yours truly. Leaving me with a look that is great for shopping, going out to eat, meetings, walking round cities, hanging out after hours...basically everything except the beach :)
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Losing Sleep

What I'm Wearing
Leather Jacket // Tobi (similar)
Shorts // Bought in Hollywood
Necklace // Rowsden Jewelry
Lost in a maze of hazed out sun, underneath sheets too thin to block out the day. I wished for sleep but instead was left naked staring down my thoughts as they glared right back. With half hearted attempts to wander somewhere more blissful, I sifted through each glinting dream I've seemed to have filed away over the last little while. I've found hope in the beautiful and a purpose to keep believing in it; I can remember that little bit at least. So for now I'll just lay here, between the sheets wide awake. And wait for when this bright day nods off, and I can begin to lose sleep.    

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

La La La

What I'm Wearing
Bowlers Cap // H&M
Crop Top // American Apparel
Skirt // Forever 21
Socks // Stance Socks
Boots // Forever 21
Sunglasses // Anthropologie
Necklaces // RowsDen Jewelry
Breathe because you won't break, run because you can take it, dance under stars and sing through words. There's time to be taken and too much sorrow to be felt in the world today. So I wish for some bittersweet nothings whispered in my ear of La Di Da's...The kind I used to repeat on lined paper like romance was an endless cup of daisies and sunflowers. But love speaks of words and romance only rings of similar songs that bursted at the seams and then fizzled out to become nostalgic nights. Carry on laughs, I've got the vigor of a child, and the thought process of an adult that's grown up too fast. Waiting, wandering, wishing for careless freedom and an unending unawareness of the reality that I live in. 
I wrote a completely different post with some inspirational thoughts...I might still post it someday, but instead..about halfway through I had the strongest urge to just share some pretty words. So there you go! The other post will just have to wait for another day it would seem. I wanted to wear something really simple, so that I could rock these new necklaces that I most recently designed. I went with my favorite black crop top that pairs oh so easily with everything and added a gray skater skirt on the bottom. I then went with a black bowlers cap, to give the outfit more of a fashion feel, along with a belt to define my waist, and some lace ankle socks to tie in the vintage feel of the hat. I threw on some boots that have bulky buckles to tie in the layering of the necklaces and voila! Summer outfit ready

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rawness At It's Finest

What I'm Wearing
Crop Top // American Apparel
Chain // Vintage
Skirt // Urban Outfitters

Over time the walls come down and the truth falls through. All that you held close is now spread across that cold floor you've been pacing back and forth on. While each and every emotion pulls at you from the wayside; complete rawness at it's finest. We've said our peace, louder and more poignant than either of us intended. But intentions are just that-a falsehood meant to temporarily hold off what's inevitable. Becoming an excuse for when things go south, or maybe north... I've seemed to have lost my direction within these four walls we've created. There comes a time when the truth finds light and the floor breaks beneath your feet. That's when you let go, that's when you fall, and that's when you breathe.
I've taken time off from my work as a result of some very heavy things happening in my life. After being diagnosed with cancer in September, my father passed away a few weeks ago. I wanted to tell you this with a heart full of love, and with wishes that if you're reading you will seek out what matters to you and put all the selfless love that you have into it, whatever it may be. Regardless of what you believe in, this life is beautiful and I truly believe that each of us can create the picture that we want. Just know that you're going to have to work, you're going to go through hardships, you're going to fall, and that's just the facts. But as long as you're putting your goodness into the world, without causing harm to those around you, you will succeed and you will find your happiness. I believe that with all my soul. So I want to send health and happiness to everyone reading this-take advantage of this remarkable life; this amazing chance we've been given to live out every unbelievably huge dream that we can think of. 
All my love
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Summer Wishlist

1. Rose Tattoo Crop Top // Nasty Gal
2. Dylana Bracelet // Nasty Gal 
3. Cutout Satchel Bag in Ivory // Chicwish
4. Vibrant M.I.U Acid Wash Out Vest // Tobi
5. Golden Grace Chunky Chain Necklace // Chicwish
6. Rose Print Shorts in Black // ChicWish
8. Singer Chunky Platforms // Topshop
9. Rounds and Rhinestones Sunglasses // Nasty Gal
10. Sunnyville Romper // Tobi
11. Leather Bucket Bag // Zara
12. Delilah Knee High Socks // Nasty Gal
13. Soft As Petals Scarf // Tobi 
14. Year 2050 Sunglasses // Tobi
15. Combined Messenger Bag // Zara
16. Leah Flores for DENY Wanderlust Rug // Urban Outfitters
17. Tilly Sunburst Bikini // Triangl
18. Coming Up Roses Kimono // Nasty Gal 
19. Draw the Curtains Shorts // Tobi
20. Lunar Love Necklace // Nasty Gal
21. New Rome Glossy Nude Ankle Strap Shoes // Chicwish 
22. BamBam Venom Bombshell Shorts // Tobi
23. Friends Taylor Gold Headphones // Nasty Gal
24. Twist and Halt Crop Top // Tobi
25. Big Felt Floppy Hat // Topshop
26. Chunky Cut Out Medallion Buckle Boots // Chicwish
27. Fringe Suede Jacket by Kate Moss for Topshop // Topshop
28. Winston White Honey Romper // Nasty Gal
29. So Screwed Bracelet // Nasty Gal 
30. Hearts Bloom Shades // Nasty Gal
31. Flat Leather Sandal With Buckle // Zara
32. Sailor Moon Beanie // SicTransitGloriaa on Etsy

It has been oh so very hot these past couple days in Santa Barbara. Even the wind blows warm air which is pretty unusual for our generally wonderful weather. I've got the heat getting to my head and making me want to spend my time either in the comfort of air conditioning or the refreshing coldness of the Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless I thought now would be the perfect time to make my Summer wardrobe wish list, which has an outfit for every occasion my summer could bring on; shopping, beach days, night time bon fires, music shows, dining out, drinks; anything and everything that could and should be done during these upcoming hot days! Not to mention I had to show the world some amazing finds; a Sailor Moon beanie from Etsy, a fringe leather jacket designed by Kate Moss for Topshop, and a large amount of Nasty Gal. I provided direct links to each and every piece below so shoppers like you could purchase these lovely things easily for yourselves. I hope you enjoy :)